Alison and Colleen: Small World is the second in the Alison and Colleen game series, developed by Cor-Son Games and was the last one to be published by ASC Games. It was released on the PlayStation and Dreamcast. Radical Entertainment produced the PlayStation version with assistance from High Voltage Software. The game has garnered notoriety for its cheap cover art.

ASC Games published the game in the US, while European and Japanese releases were handled by Electronic Arts and Human Entertainment respectively.


Alison and Colleen are shrunk down by a school bully and have to traverse various areas in an attempt to return to normal.

Cover Art

The PlayStaton port was notable for its cheap cover art, which featured a live action photo of an upside down glass containing the two main characters. Cor-Son claimed the cover art came out the way it did to see if it would make consumers curious enough to buy it.