Blue Sky Logo

The Logo

Blue Sky is a software company in Liverpool, England. It is similar to Psygnosis and Rainbird and it is acquired by Magnet Software in 1989. It makes 16-bit games rather than 8-bit games.


  1. Acorn Archimedes
  2. Acorn BBC Micro
  3. Acorn Electron
  4. Amstrad CPC
  5. Amstrad PCW
  6. Apple II
  7. Apple Macintosh
  8. Atari 8-bit family
  9. Atari ST
  10. Commodore 16
  11. Commodore 64
  12. Commodore Amiga
  13. Commodore Plus/4
  14. MS-DOS
  15. MSX
  16. Sinclair QL
  17. Sinclair ZX Spectrum


More to come, TBA

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