Call of Duty: Operation ZOMBIE is a shooter based on the popular Call of Duty game mode, Nazi Zombies.

Playable Characters

Tank Dempsey

Edward Richtofen

Nikolai Belinski

Takeo Masaki


The Beginning

Dr Maxis, along with his assistant Dr Edward Richtofen were working on some important weaponry. Little did Maxis know that Richtofen was experimenting on three living subjects. Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki. Soon Richtofen betrays Maxis and locks him, his daughter and a Hellhound in a room, killing them. Richtofen continues experimenting with Element 115 and accidentally creates zombies.

The Game

Now Richtofen, along with his three super soldiers (who have their memories wiped), must fight the zombies but what is Richtofen's true plan, and will the three soldier's memories return?


Richtofen takes his super soldiers to Shi No Numa where they are forced to fight out of the swamp and to Der Riese. There, the foursome attempt to kill all the zombies in the base, but accidentally are sent back in time. They arrive in an abandoned Nazi theatre where they are attacked. Takeo however, views a recording of the zombies creation and discovers the truth. Richtofen then uses the time machine to go back to Der Riese. He then goes to the Russian rocket base called Ascension, and they discover that Maxis's daughter as a ghost. They save a man from her evil and they accidentally travel to an mythical forest known as Shangri-La. Here, Richtofen reveals his plot to control the world and he takes the Focusing Stone from an old temple. He takes his soldiers to a moon base to activate a device that will let him control the zombies. Here, Dempsey and Nikolai get their memories back and they attack Richtofen. When they attack him, it accidentally sends both of them, along with Takeo, back to Earth. Here the Earth is in flames and a city has been conquered by the zombies. The trio fight their way out and take an underground maze to Der Riese where they teleport Richtofen back to Earth. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the four are teleported to an abandoned castle, where they are forced to work together. They discover that Samantha is haunting Richtofen and the four are teleported back to the moon, which is now red and looks very different. The trio fight Richtofen, who has been made stronger by Samantha. They kill him and Samantha is destroyed. The trio use Richtofen's device to kill all the zombies and all is well. Except no one disposed of Richtofen's body and the game's last shot is a zombie Richtofen grinning and using the teleporter...


Shi No Numa

Der Riese (part 1)

Kino Der Toten (Nazi Theatre)


Der Riese (part 2)

Shangri La



Underground Maze

Der Riese (part 3)

Dark Castle


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