Cartoon Network Star Racing is a supposed remake of a similar game for the PS2. The game is released for Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS.


The game plays out very similar to a standard kart racing game, with items placed in item containers which are scattered amoung the track. Each character drives in they're own vehicle, which have they're own sets of stats (speed, handling, and off-road). There are four known modes:

  • Grand Prix Mode: Race in a cup.
  • Single Race: Select the races you want to perform.
  • Time Trials: The only race here is the one against the clock!
  • Battle: In an arena, you must use items to you're advantage.

Playable Characters



Unlocking Criteria

Character How_to_Unlock_the_Character
Gwen Tennyson Clear the Ben 10 cup on easy.
Panini Clear the Chowder cup on easy.
Billy and Mandy Clear all cups on normal.
Numbuh 1 Clear all cups on hard.
Eddy Gain a total of 40 points or higher in a cup on hard.
Scoutmaster Lumpus Play 20 battles.
Mojo Jojo Clear the Powerpuff cup on hard.
Courage Play 15 battles.
Albedo Clear the Ben 10 cup on hard.
Tom and Jerry Play 10 battles.
Rolf Clear all cups on easy.
Scaredy Squirrel Clear all cups on easy.



It has been confirmed that all cups will be of one series, and that there will be four races in each cup.

  • Ben 10 series
    • Bellwood Circuit
    • Primus Pathway
    • Guardian Gauntlet
    • Forever Castle
  • Chowder series
    • Marzipan City Speedway
    • Catering Craze
    • Sniffleball Stadium
    • Intestinal Ruins
  • Powerpuff Girls series
    • Townsville Streets
    • Mojo's Monkey Maze
    • Cabin Countryside
    • Broken Streets
  • Camp Lazlo series
    • Camp Kidney Circuit
    • Mt. Pimplenoose Raceway
    • Leaky Lake Run
    • Acorn Flats Speedrun
  • Grim Adventures series
    • Endsville Speedway
    • Undertaken Underworld
    • Hoss' Hall of Monsters
    • Dracula's Disco
  • Other Series
    • Cul-De-Sac Runaround (Console and 3DS only)
    • Scaredy Speedrun (DS only)
    • Secret Mountain Fort Speedway
    • Moushole Run
    • Gotham City


  • Homing Beacon: Targets the opponent infront of the user.
  • Oil Slick: Leaves a black puddle behind the user. Anyone who touches it spins out.
  • Plumber Gun: Allows the user to shoot three blasts from it, but these blasts are shot forward and bounce off walls until hitting either an opponent or an item.
  • Mana Sheild: Surroundes the user in a sheild made of pink energy, protecting the user from all attacks until the sheild wears off.
  • Scythe 2.0: Unleashes a powerful homing beacon that targets the first placer. Very rare.
  • Acorns: Gives the user a small boost of speed.
  • Rocket Engine: Causes the user to zoom through the track at incredible speeds. Very rare.


  • This is one of the first games to have Billy and Mandy playable, but not Grim.
  • There are many achievements and awards that are gained by doing certain things while playing.
  • Scooby Doo, Shaggy Rogers, and Tom & Jerry are the only guest characters from Hanna Barbera cartoons who appeared in the game.

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