Cor-Son Games was a game developer owned by The Corning/Emerson Group. It was formed following the acquisition and rebranding of the Sheffield-based Data Ministry. They operated the label as a publisher of unlicensed NES games, but rechristened it in 1990 after the new staff moved to the US, establishing its new office out of an abandoned strip-mall in Dallas, Texas, but eventually had different offices and teams set up in Las Vegas, Memphis and Boston, along with a temporary studio in Salt Lake City, which was used during their collaborations with Saffire Corporation. While the company took on the Cor-Son name, they originally operated under a proxy, Alive Systems, in its first two years to work around the limitations of NES carts.

In 2006, all regional offices were merged into one as part of a cost-cutting move, save for the Salt Lake City office, which was shut-down in 2008 after they produced their last game. They intended to produce original works, starting with Mr. Water, but returned to the Alison and Colleen series and licensed gaming when that failed to make an impact. However, after learning of the cult impact of Mr. Water, they decided to re-invent themselves and produce more serious titles. Half of the company was sold to Take Two Interactive in 2009, who helped back the production of Cor-Son's titles.

In 2014 however, Cor-Son announced that they would be exiting the gaming industry, as they were uncertain of the future of console gaming. They refused to produce games for the XBOX One, they had little faith in the Wii U, tensions have formed between them and Sony after the former heavily mocked the latter over their non-gaming operations. They intended to keep producing games for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3, but turned on it since it would lead to poor sales.

The remainder of the company was sold to Take Two Interactive, with the deal being completed by the end of the year and it getting shut down.

Games Developed

Title Year Publisher System Office
As Alive Systems
I Come in Peace 1990 Ocean NES N/A
Popeye vs. The Sea Hag 1991 Ocean SEGA Master System N/A
As Cor-Son Games
The Town That Could Really Use Some Sun 1992 Self-published DOS, CD-i, Commodore CDTV N/A
Alison and Colleen 1992 Sony Imagesoft NES, SEGA Master System, Game Boy, Amiga CD-32 Dallas
Green Jean 1993 Sony Imagesoft SNES, SEGA Genesis, NES, SEGA Master System, Game Boy, Game Gear Dallas
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1994 Cryo Interactive DOS, 3DO, SEGA CD Dallas
They Live: The Game 1995 Psygnosis PC, 3DO Dallas
They Live: Re-take the Earth 1997 Psygnosis SEGA Saturn, PlayStation, PC Dallas
Tom and Jerry: Early Learning 1997 Creative Wonders Windows, Macintosh Boston
Alison and Colleen: Small World 1998 ASC Games PlayStation, Windows, Game Boy Dallas
Super Sprint 1998 Ocean Software PlayStation Boston
Popeye: I Yam What I Yam 1999 Konami Game Boy Color Boston
Hanna Barbera All-Stars: Ten Pin Alley 1999 ASC Games/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment PlayStation, Dreamcast Salt Lake City
Scooby Doo: Terror Time 2000 Eidos Interactive/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment PlayStation, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color Las Vegas
Furby Paradise 2000 Hasbro Interactive PlayStation, Dreamcast Boston
The Simpsons: Apu's Kwik-E-Kwest 2000 FOX Interactive/Crave Entertainment PlayStation, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color Salt Lake City
Pepper Ann: On the Go 2000 NewKidCo/Disney Interactive Studios Game Boy Color Boston
Alison and Colleen: Space Ball 2001 Crave Entertainment PlayStation Memphis
Courage the Cowardly Dog 2001 BAM! Entertainment/Cartoon Network PlayStation Las Vegas
Eight Legged Freaks 2002 Atari PlayStation 2, XBOX, GameCube Memphis
Green Jean (2002) 2002 THQ GameCube, XBOX Dallas
Nicktoons Skate Park 2002 THQ/Nickelodeon GameCube, XBOX Boston
Alison and Colleen: Come in Peace, Go in Pieces 2003 THQ/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Gamecube, PlayStation 2, XBOX Dallas
James Pond: Goldflipper 2003 Electronic Arts PlayStation 2, XBOX, GameCube Las Vegas
Half Past Dead 2003 Sierra Entertainment/Vivendi Universal Games PlayStation 2, XBOX Memphis
Nicktoons Demolition Derby 2004 THQ GameCube, PlayStation 2, XBOX Las Vegas
The Day After Tomorrow 2004 FOX Interactive/Sierra Entertainment/Vivendi Games GameCube, PlayStation 2, XBOX Memphis
The Batman Vs. Dracula 2005 2K Games XBOX, PlayStation 2 Las Vegas
The Buzz on Maggie 2005 THQ/Disney Interactive Game Boy Advance Memphis
Cor-Son's Cartridge Collection 2005 Crave Entertainment GameCube, XBOX, PlayStation 2 Dallas
Mr. Water 2006 Sierra Entertainment XBOX 360, PlayStation Portable All
Alison and Colleen: Proving Day 2007 THQ PlayStation 2, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable All
Nicktoons Game Party 2008 THQ Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS Salt Lake City
Unbreakable 2009 2K Games PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 All
Harvest Night 2012 2K Games PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 All
Alison and Colleen; HD Collection 2014 2K Games PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 All

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