Crash: Bandicoot Brawl is a fighting game based on Crash Bandicoot.


Crash has entered the EXTREME Fighting Tournament, but it turns out to be one of Cortex's plots. Cortex has taken the power crystals, forcing Crash to defeat all the opponents and win the tournament, or Cortex will keep the power crystals and rule the world! And to make matters worse, Cortex has hypnotised Crash's friends for extra fighters.


  • Note: All boss characters will be unlocked after defeation. Also all bosses must be fought three times.

Wumpa Waterfall--Ripper Roo

Floating Iceberg--Koala Kong

Nuclear Factory--Pinstripe Poloolo

Wumpa Forest--Evil Pura

Circus Park--Komodo Brothers

Tribesman Village--Papu Papu

Abandoned Labroratory--Dr Nitrus Brio

The Time Engine--N. Trophy

Snowy Cliffs--Evil Polar

Academy of Evil--Madame Amberly

Boiler Room--Dingodile

Work-Out Hut--Evil Crunch Bandicoot

Colliseum--Tiny Tiger

Rocket Factory--N-Gin (in robot)

Bandicoot Beach--Evil Coco Bandicoot

Frozen Cave--Uka Uka (as Ice Titan)

Moonlight Rooftops--Nina Cortex

10th Dimension--Evil Crash

Cortex's Ice Base--Dr Neo Cortex

Playable Characters

Crash Bandicoot

Crunch Bandicoot

Normal Polar

Normal Pura

All Bosses

Aku Aku (unlocked after beating all enemies in the story on EXTREME!)

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