Crash Bandicoot: Pro Racers is a racing game with the most playable characters of any Crash racing game.


Crash Bandicoot--Speed: 4/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 4/6.

Coco Bandicoot--Speed: 3/6, Control: 5/6, Steering: 3/6.

Crunch Bandicoot--Speed: 2/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 5/6.

Aku Aku--Speed: 5/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 4/6.

Dr Neo Cortex--Speed: 3/6, Control: 5/6, Steering: 4/6.

Nina Cortex--Speed: 5/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 2/6.

Dr N-Gin--Speed: 5/6, Control: 3/6, Steering: 3/6.

Tiny Tiger--Speed: 2/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 4/6.

Uka Uka--Speed: 6/6, Control: 1/6, Steering: 4/6.

Dingodile--Speed: 3/6, Control: 5/6, Steering: 2/6.

Pura--Speed: 5/6, Control: 3/6, Steering: 3/6.

Polar--Speed: 6/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 1/6.

Conga Roo--Speed:4/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 3/6.

Dr Nitrus Brio (unlockable)--Speed: 5/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 2/6.

Dr N Trophy (unlockable)--Speed: 4/6, Control: 3/6, Steering: 5/6.

Ripper Roo (unlockable)--Speed: 5/6, Control: 2/6, Steering: 3/6.

Komodo Brothers (unlockable)--Speed: 2/6, Control: 4/6, Steering 5/6.

Pinstripe Potooro (unlockable)--Speed: 5/6, Control: 2/6, Steering: 4/6.

Koala Kong (unlockable)--Speed: 2/6, Controls: 3/6, Steering: 5/6.

Papu Papu (unlockable)--Speed: 2/6, Control: 6/6, Steering: 3/6.

The Evil Twins (unlockable)--Speed: 6/6, Control: 5/6, Steering: 2/6.

Nitrus Oxide (unlockable)--Speed: 5/6, Control: 4/6, Steering: 5/6.


Crash, Coco and Crunch head off to enter the World Grand Prix, but when they get there, they encounter everyone from the Wumpa Isles, including Cortex. Cortex attempts to destroy Crash, but accidentally teleports everyone to an alien city. They see Nitrus Oxide and he makes them prove their racing talent or else be enslaved. Oxide sets a challenge, beat the best racer from each of the nine Wumpa Isles. The crew accept and split into teams of four. When they win, Oxide races the winner. After the hero wins, Cortex attempts to shoot Oxide, but ends up being banished to a mysterious dark place.


Team Bandicoot--Crash, Coco, Crunch, Aku Aku.

Team Cortex--Cortex, Nina, Tiny, Uka Uka.

Team Wild--Dingodile, Pura, Polar, Conga Roo.


Conga Roo is a new character created especially for this game. He is the brother of Conga Roo.

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