Cras Bandicoot and the Legion of Cortex scraps the idea of mutant jacking and reintroduces platforming.

Plot Summary

Cortex recruits all of Crash's worst enemies and takes over the Wumpa Islands. However as Crash, Coco and Crunch fight for Wumpa Island, they discover that Cortex's true plot is just unravelling...

Playable Characters

Crash Bandicoot Coco Bandicoot Crunch Bandicoot Nina Cortex


Wumpa Island:

Bandicoot Beach

Wumpa Forest

Tiki Waterfall-- Ripper Roo

Jungle Hill

The Hunting Grounds

Papu's Village-- Papu Papu

Frosty Island:

Freezy Beach

Snowy Cliffs

Ice Mountain--Bearminator (Giant Polar Bear)

Slippy Slide

Frozen Lake

The Iceberg--Koala Kong

Stinky Swamp Island:

Swampy Sea

Spooky Forest

The Swamp--The Komodo Brothers

Mud Pools

Stinky River

Swampy Hole--Nitrus Oxide

Academy of Evil:

School Gates

Deathly Grounds

Evil Dormitory--Nina Cortex

Death in the Library

Execution in Detention

The Principals Office--Madam Amberly

Volcanic Island:

Rocky Road

Lava Lake

Molten Rocks--Tiny Tiger

Volcanic Slide

Mt. Flame

The Inner Volcano--Dingodile

Cyber Island:


The Junkyard

Cyber Castle--Dr Brio

Metal Bridge

Construction Base

N-Gins Rocket--N-Gin

The 10th Dimension:

The Anti-Island

Rocky Ride

Evil Jungle--Evil Crash

The Twins Base

The Treasure Isle

The Ultimate Lair--The Evil Twins

Sky Base:

The Entrance


Time Engine--Dr N. Trophy

Climbing the Sky-Bot

Combat Flight

The Head--Dr Cortex


Anti-Wumpa Island--Tiny Tiger

Anti-Frosty Island--Koala Kong

Anti-Stinky Swampy Island--Nitrus Oxide

Anti-Academy of Evil--Madame Amberly

Anti-Volcano Island--Dingodile

Anti-Cyber Island--N-Gin

Anti-10th Dimension--Evil Twins

Anti-Sky Base--Dr Cortex

The Dark Island

The Eternal Temple--Uka Uka

Ending Explanation

When the trio confront Cortex, he sends them to the 10th Dimension. When they return, he reveals a evil-machine and he turns the Wumpa Islands evil. The trio (with help from Nina) defeat the toughest villains in these worlds. Uka Uka then reveals his plan to create his own anti-island, which the trio then fight through. Aku Aku, Uka Uka and the trio are then teleported to the Eternals Temple where Crash fights Uka Uka. Cortex is then thrown off the Sky Base and he lands in the ocean.

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