Crash Smash is a new Crash Bandicoot game and is for Wii, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS.


From gameplay footage seen, the game looks like it plays out very similarly to the Power Stone games, featuring the fighters to move in a 3D enviroment and gain aura for special moves. There is known to be a standard battle and a story mode.

Playable Characters

The game is to have twenty playable characters, five which are default, and fifteen which must be unlocked. Plus there are characters that can be unlocked by entering a cheat code in the game instruction booklet, but the code and character depends on where you buy the game.


Image Character Style Story_Team


74px-MindOverMutantCrash Crash Bandicoot Balanced Bandicoot, Final Crash may be lazy and not exactly all there, but he's still a hero to his home, Wumpa Island. Crash's favorite food is a fresh Wumpa Fruit, and he is quite an insane character.
69px-Chcocomom Coco Bandicoot Speedy Bandicoot Coco is Crash's highly intelligent sister. This tomboy is usually seen scolding Crash for his idiocy, but she is still a loving sister. And she's ready to kick some butt here!
89px-MindOverMutantCrunch Crunch Bandicoot Powerful Bandicoot Crunch is Crash's head strong brother who specializes in mechanics. Not much is known about what happened to his arm, but he doesn't really like talking about it.
56px-CortexTitans Neo Cortex Hacker Cortex, Final Dr. Neo Cortex is Crash's arch nemesis, and a madman who's goal is to rule Wumpa Island, and outmatch Crash any way possible. But his own pride can lead to his defeat.
107px-Sky spyro2 Spyro Magic Skylanders, Final Surprise! You didn't think everyone's favorite purple dragon would miss out on the action, did you? His opponents better watch out, this dragon's got fire!


Image Character Style Story_Team Description_of_the_Character


120px-Dr N-Gin Titans N. Gin Hacker Cortex Dr. Cortex's right-hand man, as well as his inventor scientist, N. Gin has proven helpful in the technology department of Cortex's plans. Clear the Cortex story on easy.
93px-Tinytitans Tiny Tiger Powerful Cortex Tiny is a destructive force, always hungry for a fight. He may not be the smartest, but what he lacks in brains he definetly makes up for in brawns! Play a total of 25 fights.
50px-Nina 01 Nina Cortex Speedy Cortex Nina is the gothic niece of Dr. Cortex, who apparently has conflict with Coco. She dislikes Evil Public School and is known to be clever, sometimes more than her uncle. Win 10 fights as Dr. Cortex.
120px-Ripperroo Ripper Roo Speedy Others Not much is to say about Ripper Roo, except he's crazy. VERY crazy. So crazy that he put himself in the straight jacket! Talk about insane! Play a total of 30 fights.
84px-Crashtwinsanity Classic Crash Balanced Bandicoot It's Crash Bandicoot... in his original design! Hopefully things won't turn out into a time paradox! He probably came when Cortex's time machine backfired. Play 35 battles as Crash Bandicoot.
79px-375260-chtropytwineu3 large Doctor Nefarious Tropy Balanced Cortex Dr. Nefarious Tropy, or N. Tropy for shot, probably has the longest range of attacks in this entire game, all thanks to that staff of his. If you're his opponent, watch out! Clear Skylanders story on hard.
83px-PasadenaOpossum Pasadena O'Possum Speedy Others Pasadena is an expert racer. One of Pasadena's distinctive characteristics is her long tail, which she uses as ether a third hand or a small helicopter blade, enabling her to hover. Play 11 battles as Coco Bandicoot.
120px-Ratcicle Ratcicle Powerful Others These mutants once roamed Wumpa Island under Cortex's control. And now one is joining this smash! How will things turn out? Play as all characters in Cortex's story at least once.
120px-Chpolarctr Polar Speedy Bandicoot Polar is extremely fast! However, that is his only advantage because he's pretty much to weakest character in this game. Play 15 fights on Massacure Mountain.
120px-Chdingodiletwin-1- Dingodile Balanced Cortex Dingodile is a mutant bounty hunter who uses a wide variety of different weapons to take down the target. Whatever he is hired to hunt, he'll hunt it, if you pay good enough! Play a total of 20 fights.
120px-Sky trigger2 Trigger Happy Hacker Skylanders Trigger Happy isn't just his name, but also his personality. With his guns that shoot gold coins, he's got one of the best ranged attacks. Clear Skylanders story on easy.
120px-Stealth Elf Stealth Elf Speedy Skylanders Stealth Elf is one of the sneakiest Skylanders. Being an elf, she is close to nature and can use it well in combat against foes. Play 12 fights on Frenzious Flowers.
Cynda Cynder Magical Skylanders Cynder is the black, female counterpart of Spyro who specializes in the "darker" magic. Speaking of which, she's the only other magical character other than Spyro here. Clear Bandicoot story on normal.
120px-Chnash Nash Powerful Others Nash is a hard-headed shark creature from Barin, and the racing champion of that planet. He briefly worked for Emperor Velo the 27th. Play a total of 50 fights.
79px-005 Captain Falcon (Wii and 3DS only) Balanced Others Looks like the F-Zero Racing Champion has decided to try his hand in this fighting game! But only on the Nintendo systems. Well, easy come easy go I guess. Purchase the "Secret Fighter" for 6000.
120px-SlyCooper-1 Sly Cooper (PlayStation 3 only) Balanced Others Taking a break from learning the ways of the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly decides to try his hand in this fighting game! But only on the PS3. Purchase the "Secret Fighter" for 6000 points.

Available with Code at certain stores

Image Character


200px-Chpura3ctr Pura Speedy GameStop
83px-Chakuakutitans-1- Aku Aku Magical Walmart


  • Jittery Jungle
  • Frenzious Flowers
  • Creepy Cavern
  • Massacure Mountain
  • Lavaflow Landing (locked)
  • The Colliseum (locked)
  • Diamond Darings (locked)
  • Pirate planks (locked)
  • Lazy Lagoon (locked)
  • Darkest Dimension (locked)

Story Mode Bosses

Image Boss_Name Story Attacks_of_the_Boss Fought_On
120px-Mamechabandicoot Mechanical Bandicoot Bandicoot Lasers, Chainsaw, Ground Punch, and Stomping Jittery Jungle
120px-Chtikimon Tikimon Cortex Ground Punch, Lasers, and Blocking Attacks The Colliseum
Darkspyr Dark Spyro Skylanders Air Charge, Flame Breath, Slashing with Claws, and Dashing Lavaflow Landing
Shadossus Shadossus Final Slashing with Claws, Creating Barriers, Eye Lasers, Going Under Ground and Popping Up, Grabbing the Character Darkest Dimension

All bosses can be replayed in the Boss Selector, and can be fought with any character, however you'd have to face the boss is it's respective story to unlock it in the Boss Selector.


  • This is the fourth Crash Bandicoot game where Spyro is playable, the first three being the GBA version of Crash Nitro Kart, and Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy/Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage.
  • This is the first time Nash is playable in a Crash Bandicoot game since the GBA version of Crash Nitro Kart.
  • Crash Smash would later get a sequel called Crash Bandicoot Melee

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