Here's the ctscenes for the Gannon X Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

Dudley's House

Level Start

Narrator: Level 1, Dudley's House!

Gannon: Dude Dudley, get out here!

Dudley: What's going on Gannon?

Gannon: A villian's trying to get to the city! let's go!

Dudley: What?

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 1 Complete!

Gannon: Now time to kick their butts Dudley.

Dudley: I'm glad that's overwith.

Kitty: Guys, there's something headed into town! There attacking T.U.F.F. HQ!

Dudley: Quick! let's go warn the others!

Gannon: Let's go!


Level Start

Narrator: Level 2, T.U.F.F. HQ!

Gannon: Guys you stay there to kill them. I'll go get some "Jungle Juice"!

Kitty: Gannon! your fighting to!

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 2 Complete! Kitty Katswell Unlocked!

Dudley: Kat, where are they coming from?

Kitty: No idea!

Gannon: Wait, someone's calling. Hello?

Kirby: Guys! you have to help me!

Gannon: Oh my god! there attacking Kirby's house!

Kitty: Dude we have to help him!

Dudley: Dismissed!!!

Kirby's House

Level Start

Narrator: Level 3, Kirby's House!

Kirby: AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dudley: Kirby calm down, we have to stop them!

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 3 Complete! Kirby Unlocked!

Yoshi: Guys! team hutle!

Gannon: Not now Yoshi, this must be some work of a supervillain.

Dudley: The Chamaleon!

Kirby: Let's go to Yoshi's house!

Yoshi: Move out!

Yoshi's House

Level Start

Narrator: Level 4, Yoshi's House!

Chamaleon: It is i....THE CHAMALEON!!!

Kitty: So you are destroy the city eh?

Yoshi: Wait, i think he's trying to tell that this isn't his evil plan.

Dudley: So if this isn't his work then who?

Gannon: Look out! there's more coming!

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 4 Complete! Yoshi Unlocked!

Yoshi: I think i'm getting hungry.

Gannon: let's get to the candy factory.

Kirby: There's more things you can eat & defeat!

Candy Factory

Level Start

Narrator: Level 5, Candy Factory!

Ren: What can i do for you boys?

Gannon: Look! enimes!

Ren: Okay! go get em!

Kitty: Take battle poses!

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 5 Complete! Jimmy Neutron Unlocked!

Jimmy: Hey guys!

Gannon: Jimmy! i'm so good to see you!

Jimmy: The Puffy AmiYumi bus is getting attacked!

Kirby: My girfreind Ami's in trouble?

Jimmy: Let's get going!

Tour Bus

Level Start

Narrator: Level 6, Tour Bus!

Kaz: Yumi can't fight right now, but Ami will be here soon!

Gannon: What can we do with slushies?

Kaz: I don't know but watch out for the samuris!

Yumi: Go get em!

Kaz: Get ready for war guys!

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 6 Complete! Ami Unlocked!

Ami: Hi Kirby!

Kirby: Hi Ami!

Gannon: Awesome! we unlocked you!

Ami: Can i join you guys?

Gannon: Sure!

Ami: Next stop, Koopa Beach!

Koopa Beach

Level Start

Narrator: Level 7, Koopa Beach!

Kirby: Where are we?

Gannon: Ugh! AAUGH!!!

Ami: What is it Gannon?

Gannon: He's here...Whoever this dark shadow guy is responisble for this.....we are getting very close.....

Razor Blood: Well Well Well look who's coming for dinner!


Gannon: You're the one Making Shadow Creatures!

Razor Blood: Yes, Yes I am

Razor Blood: Shadow Creatures! Destroy them And Take Them to the Y.M.C.A Prison. I'll be watching you Gannon! MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!!!!!!!

Gannon: Come On guys let's get them!

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 7 Complete! Wage Unlocked!

Wage: What's up yo?

Gannon: WOO! Wage unlocked!!!

Kitty: Wait, this is his plan?

Gannon: White Fang!!!

Wage: I remember! Moshling Clubhouse!

Kirby: Good idea, Let's go.

Moshling Clubhouse

Level Start

Narrator: Level 8, Moshling Clubhouse!

Furi: Good to see you guys.

Gannon: Thanks, but we need to protect the Clubhouse.

Furi: Why?

Kitty: More bad guys!

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 8 Complete! White Fang Unlocked!

White Fang: Hi Gannon!

Gannon: Where to next?

White Fang: Hmm...i don't realy know.

White Fang: Wait! a villain! i saw one at the docks!

Gannon: Let's go!

Melgotic City Docks

Level Start

Narrator: Level 9, Melgotic City Docks!

Gannon: The narrator is getting on my nevres.

White Fang: Where did they go?

Ami: Huh? Enimes are coming!

Kitty: Battle poses!

Level Beat

Narrator: Level 9 Complete! Greg Unlocked!

Greg: Hey fellas, how's it going?

Gannon: Good to see you!

Dudley: Why do wee need you?

Greg: Dudley, your mom is getting attacked!

Dudley: Realy?

Greg: To the creek!

Dudley: Let's do this!

The Creek

Level Start

Narrator: Level 10, The Creek!

Peg: I wonder where my son is...

Dudley: Mom! i'm right here!

Peg: Thank you son.

Peg: You handle them!

Gannon: Let's battle them!

Ami: Let's show them how to rock!


Level Beat

Narrator: Level 10 Complete! Mr. Game & Watch Unlocked!

Mr. G&W: Beeeeep!!!

Greg: Mr. Game! do you know who's causing all this?

Mr. G&W: Beep, Beep, Beep,

Kitty: What?

Peg: Mr. Game & Watch is right! the final battle downtown!

Jimmy: Gotta blast!

Last Level

Level Start

Narrator: Last Level, Downtown Melgotic City!

Gannon: This is it guys, are last stand.

Greg: Okay.

Kitty: Let's do this!

Boss Start

Narrator: Last Level.....NOT COMPLETE! Game Over.

Ami: Game Over?

Jimmy: But we beat the game!

Greg: That's Weird.


Gannon: Uh, Guys?


Narrator: Now you must fight...

Z-Strap: Me!

Gannon: You the narrator?

Z-Strap: I disguised my voice as a narrator.

Greg: let's shake em.

Ami: Hang it Loud!

Wage: Bring it On!!!

Dudley: I've got muscles.

Kitty: Yah!


Boss Beat

Z-Strap: Augh! Ohhh... Z-Strap Boss Fight Complete......Bubbles, Fifi Ouioui, Anges, & Numbuh 1 Unlocked.......

Dudley: Uh....

Everyone but Z-Strap: YES!


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