Dance Dance Revolution Gannon X Mix is a Dancing Game for Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube.


Playable Characters

Non Playable Characters

Original Music

  • Gannon X Theme Song
  • Hihi Puffy YumiAmi Show Theme Song
  • Kirby Right Back at Ya! Theme Song
  • Yoshi Island Theme Song
  • Gannon/Kirby/Yoshi Circuit Theme
  • Z-Strap's Lair Theme
  • TUFF Puppy Theme Song
  • Greenhorn Forest
  • Dee Dee's Song
  • Bear Rap
  • Adult Ruins Everythings
  • Let's Summer
  • All Stars Gannon
  • Ribbit Songs
  • Toy Dream Theme
  • Icky Z-Strap
  • Pumped Up Kicks
  • Freak On A Leash


  • Story Modes
  • Free Modes
  • Head To Head Modes
  • Minigames
  • Workout

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