This is one of the sequels to Just a Cartoon.

Characters and their moves

Mordecai - Punch, Death Block, I Believe I can Fly

Pops - Slap, Kick, Death Bicep Flex

Muscle Man - Swing Punch, Dumbell Throw, My Mom!

High Five Ghost - Push, High Five on the Face, Death Grab

Benson - Gumball Spill, YOU'RE FIRED!, Death Spill

Skips - Charge, Headbutt, Death Dump

Finn - Lumpy Space Princess, Jake Sword, Jake Scythe

Lazlo - Banana Peel, Banana Shot, Lucky Bean Throw

Ed - Eddy Hammer, Pound, Eddy Swing

Edd - Punch Ray, Defense Bubble, Eddy Push

Jonny and Plank - Plank Throw, Plank Slingshot, Wood Chop

Adam - Jake Vine, Lupe's Fists of Fury, Clown Scare

Mac - Wilt Combination, Bloo's Combustion, Eduardo and Coco's Egg Throws

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Speedy Dash, Marvin the Martian's UFO abductor, Taz's Tornado

RobotBoy - Robot Lasers, Robot Flight Attack, Robot Kick


Mordecai and Rigby are playing punchies over being Player 1 again and Mordecai wins, Rigby then Death Punches his way out and Benson,Skips,Pops,and High Five Ghost walk in and ask what happened.Mordecai then breaks the whole house and they run to Skips' house where they meet up with Muscle Man.Skips explains they need help of a few warriors to stop Rigby from destroying the planets and then they come.They each explain their Earth is under attack by a clone of Rigby.They then find something saying Rigby has captured Margaret, Eileen, Low Five Ghost, Lola, Raj, Frankie, Nazz, and Marceline.Everyone teams up to find Rigby.

During the final battle almost everyone is down except Mordecai,High Five Ghost, Finn, Lazlo, Mac, Bugs and Daffy,and Robot Boy.Just as Mordecai falls to the ground knocked out, sense comes back into Rigby.In fear that he killed almost everyone he begins to cry.Finn then wants to slay Rigby but is prevented so by Mac and Bugs.HFG then tells him they are just knocked out.Back at the Park, Skips thanks everyone but then as he gets into the portal all the other worlds are destroyed.Its time for the second battle after this.


Kevin - Ed,Edd,n Eddy

Mr.Herriman - Fosters Home

Ice King - Adventure Time

Starla - Regular Show

Edward - Camp Lazlo

Bullshark - My Gym Partners a Monkey

Rigby Clone - Regular Show

The Rowdyruff Boys - Powerpuff Girls

Mandark - Dexter's Lab

Taz Clone - The Looney Tunes Show

Mordecai Clone - Regular Show

Muscle Man Clone - Regular Show

Benson Clone - Regular Show

Pops Clone - Regular Show

High Five Ghost Clone - Regular Show

Robot Boy Clone - RobotBoy

Lazlo Clone - Camp Lazlo

Plank Monster - Ed, Edd, n Eddy

Eds Clone - Ed,Edd, n Eddy

Adam Clone - My Gym Partners a Monkey

Finn Clone - Adventure Time

Mac Clone - Fosters Home

Sensei Clone - Regular Show

Rigby - Regular Show

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