Destinia is an action/adventure RPG created by Aqua. It is the first in a long series of games, followed by Destinia Two, Destinia Three, and Destinia Strategy.


Years in the past, an ancient race known as the Preganons faced annihlation by a mysterious tyrant known as Brejinn. As Brejinn prepared to destroy their planet, the warrior Preganons launched their only hope: a baby known to them as Narrok.

Several years passed, and Narrok landed on Earth, where he was rescued by a human family, who gave him the name Torran. Now, several more years passed, and Torran has left his family and become an adventurer, where he meets Alia, who tells him of the Bezoars, magical artifacts that will summon the ancient mage Destinia, who will grant any request. This is the tale of the search for the Bezoars!


Gameplay is rather simple. Players run around a free-roaming world, attempting to find the Bezoars. Combat uses Hack'n'Slash controls, with defeated enemies dropping weapons, armor, mana, and experience. Players take control of Torran, and all the other members of your party basically follow you.


Destinia recieved rather positive reception, earning IGN's 9.8 and also winning "RPG of the Year" for 2010. It was critisiced for borrowing elements of other popular RPGs or anime, but nothing was really held against it. In 2011, along with Destinia Two, it was released as part of the Destinia Combo Pack.