Wimpy kid video game
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wii U is a video game for the Wii U that is based on the Wimpy Kid series.


Level 1 Part A: Greg has to go to Rowley's house and avoid Fregley.
Level 1 Part B: Beat Rowley's car in Formula One Racing.
Level 1 Part C: Run through the sprinkler 5 times without Dad coming outside to see.

Level 2 Part A: Grab one of Rodrick's CDs without Rodrick coming in, then take it over to school with Rowley.
Level 2 Part B: Find one of Greg's games and put it in one of Manny's "Ages 3+" game cases.
Level 2 Part C: Beat Manny in a race over to Rowley's house with the game.

Level 3 Part A: Avoid the tall guy's chainsaw.
Level 3 Part B: Get Shane Snella out of the bed before Rowley's dad comes in.
Level 3 Part C: Find the clothes to wear so Greg can dress up as a pirate.
Level 3 Part D: Avoid the three teenagers' attack.
Level 3 Part E: Make it through Snake Road woods with Rowley.

Level 4 Part A: Win a wrestling match with Fregley.
Level 4 Part B: Win a wrestling match with Patty Farrell.
Level 4 Part C: Win a wrestling match with Benny Wells.

Level 5: Try not to flunk the U.S. quiz.

Level 6: Throw apples with Archie Kelly at Patty before the time runs out.

Level 7 Part A: Throw a football at the tire of the Big Wheel Rowley's riding in.
Levev 7 Part B: Wrap some gauze on Greg's hand to make it look like it's infected before Mom comes.
Level 7 Part C: Sign up as a safety patrol before Rowley does.

Level 8 Part A: Make a "Creighton the Cretin" comic before Rowley finishes his "Zoo-wee Mama!" comic.
Level 8 Part B: Try to get suspended by poking a little kid with a stick full of worms.

Level 9 Part A: Try not to let Greg eat the cheese before the teenagers make him eat it.
Level 9 Part B: Try to get Rowley's friendship back.

Level 10 (Bonus Level): Do not let Fregley touch the cheese before he does.


Greg Heffley
Susan (Mom)
Frank (Dad)
Rowley Jefferson
Chirag Gupta
Patty Farrell

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