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Disney Junior Party is a party game for Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS, and the newest console Party Mode.


The Disney Junior characters have received a invitation to the greatest party that ever was. Everyone was excited except Captain Hook, who was furious about not being invited to the party, so he decides to go to the party and ruin the fun out of it. So the heroes all set out to stop him, all wanting to be the one who stops Hook and saves the day.

The story mode is simple: 4 players play the boards for 20 turns, and the one who has the most stars wins the board. The player doesn't have to come first in all the boards to beat Story mode, but the main objective is to make sure Mr Smee [who plays for Captain Hook on all the boards] does NOT win. Smee has the role that Kamek & Shy Guy has in Mario Party 9's Story Mode.


1 aterisk means they're unlockable in story mode. 2 aterisks means unlockable and exclusive to 3DS. Italic means they're exclusive to the console version.

Little Einsteins:

  • June

The Hive:

  • Buzzbee

Handy Manny:

  • Manny

Special Agent Oso:

  • Oso

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Minnie's Bow Toons:

  • Mickey
  • Minnie

Doc McStuffins:

  • Doc

Jake and the Neverland Pirates:

  • Jake
  • Mr. Smee* [Unlockable by completing Story mode]

Henry Hugglemonster:

  • Henry Hugglemonster

Sofia the First:

  • Sofia

Sheriff Callie's Wild West:

  • Sheriff Callie*

Miles from Tomorrowland:

  • Miles Callisto*
  • Leo Callisto*

Shop-Bought Characters:

  • Goldilocks [Goldie & Bear]
  • Jojo [Jojo's Circus]
  • Zou** [Zou]
  • Bunga [The Lion Guard]


  • Mii (Nintendo consoles only)

Board Spaces

  • Blue Space: You get 5 gold doubloons when you stop on this space.
  • Red Space: You lose 5 gold doubloons when you stop on this space.
  • Green Space: Stop on this space to trigger an event. What is it? That depends on which board you're on!
  • PJ Masks Space: If you land on this space, the PJ Masks will appear and do something that helps you. What do they do? That depends on the board you're on. Then, all PJ Masks Spaces become Captain Hook Spaces. the space is identified as a white space with the PJ Masks' HQ on it.
  • Captain Hook Space: If you land on this space, Captain Hook will appear and do something that hinders you. What does he do? That depends on the board you're on. Then, all Captain Hook Spaces become PJ Masks Spaces. the space is identified as a black space with Captain Hook's face on it.
  • Curious George Space: same as the Spin Space from Mario Party 9. Curious George spins a roulette to create a surprise for the player who stepped on his space or for everyone. the space is identified as yellow with George's face on it.
  • Lucky Space [Party Mode only]: Sends you down a Secret Path. What is it? It depends on the board you're on.
  • VS Space [Duel Mode only]: starts a Duel Minigame, the winner rolls a dice to see what they'll take from the loser.

PJ Masks/Captain Hook Spaces' Effects:

Board Name PJ Masks' Effect Captain Hook Effect
Freaky Flower Garden they boost you closer to the Honeycomb Flower he throws you up and you land on a random space.
U.N.I.Q.U.E. Party Gauntlet they take the place of Buffo and give a free Star to whoever reaches them he takes the place of Buffo and steals a Star from whoever reaches him
Handy Manny's Crazy Construction Site They invest doubloons in a house for you, regardless of whoever owns it. He steals doubloons from all players in a random house, regardless of whoever owns it or whoever stepped on the Hook space.
Minnie's Mad Bowtique they bring the current Magic Bow's star to you for free. he uses his catapult hook to fire you to a random part of the board
Stellosphere Space Race They appear and get the star from Phoebe, to give to you. same as in Bowser's Warped Orbit from Mario Party 8
Captain Hook's Treasure Chest Docks they bring the chest that contains a star to you, but the player still has to pay 10 doubloons to open it. he steals a star from whoever steps on his space, and puts it in the chest with the star[s].
Sofia's Princess Party they take you to the star Hook moves the star to a different location

Game Modes

Story Mode: see Story.

Party Mode*: Play a Party board game! Play in either Battle Royale, Team Battle, or Duel Mode.

*-Not to be confused with the console.

Minigame Mode: Play minigames in different ways, like Free Play, Step It Up, Tournament, Higgly Bingo, and more!

Shop: use your Party Points to unlock new characters, boards, figures, and games in the shop!

Extra Mode: Play secret minigames you won't find anywhere else!

Party Mode Boards

  • Freaky Flower Garden [The Hive]: reach the Honeycomb Flower area, and trade every 20 gold doubloons for all the Disney Junior Stars you want. 
  • U.N.I.Q.U.E. Party Gauntlet [Special Agent Oso]: Reach Buffo in the crazy gauntlet, and give him 20 gold doubloons for a Disney Junior Star. Watch out for the rooms changing!
  • Handy Manny's Crazy Construction Site [Handy Manny]: Build houses and earn their worth in Disney Junior Stars. You can even steal and upgrade houses as well!
  • Minnie's Mad Bowtique [Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Minnie's Bow Toons]: Find the Magical Rainbow Bows and get their Disney Junior Stars for their prices.
  • Stellosphere Space Race* [Miles from Tomorrowland]: Same rules as Mario Party 6's Castaway Bay, but with Phoebe Callisto and Gadfly Garnett as DK & Bowser, respectively.
  • Captain Hook's Treasure Chest Docks* [Jake & the Neverland Pirates]: Find Disney Junior Stars in Hook's Tricky Treasure Chests! You can open them for 10 gold doubloons, but watch out for the Tick-Tock Croc!

Shop-Bought Boards:

  • Sofia's Princess Party [Sofia the First]: Find Disney Junior Stars around the board, and pay 20 gold doubloons to get them.

Duel Battle Mode:

the board rules are different in this mode.

Board Name Duel Battle Mode Conditions
Freaky Flower Garden reach the Honeycomb flower area and be the first to get 10 stars. the stars cost 20 doubloons
U.N.I.Q.U.E. Party Gauntlet Bring Dotty and Wolfie 50 doubloons each to get a Star before your opponent.
Handy Manny's Crazy Construction Site earn 7 stars by owning houses.
Minnie's Mad Bowtique get 6 stars from each and every colour of the Magic Bows before your opponent
Stellosphere Space Race reach Phoebe and get 2 stars from her for 20 doubloons before your opponent. Watch out for Gadfly!
Captain Hook's Treasure Chest Docks there are 8 chests on the board! Find 3 stars before your opponent, but watch out for the Tick-Tock Croc!
Sofia's Princess Party get 3 stars before your opponent


The Mouseketools are the items in this game. They are often found in Mouseketool Bags, or can be bought in any shop on the board. They appear in presents. The color of the present shows what type it is. Sometimes, you might find gold doubloons in the presents!

Red with Blue Bow:

These affect the Dice block.

  • Double Dice
  • Triple Dice
  • Slow Dice

Yellow with Green Bow:

These make impact before you move.

  • Snag Bag
  • Doubloon Magnet
  • Zooter Summon - Zooter [from Jungle Junction] will zip you straight to the Star area, but you still have to do the required fee to get it.
  • Megabouncer Boots

Blue with Violet Bow:

These make impact whilst you move.

  • Slipsand
  • Duel Glove
  • Tornado

Green with Orange Bow:

These can be thrown onto spaces to create traps.

  • Star Stealer
  • Coin Snatcher
  • Doubloon Switch

Purple with Yellow Bow:

These can be thrown onto spaces to create Roadblocks, which are activated when someone runs into them.

  • Stun Hammer
  • Return Pipe
  • Shock Balls


See List of Minigames in Disney Junior Party

Bonus Awards

Remember, it's not over till it's over! At the end of a party game, the host will call out some super special Bonus Awards, which count towards your Disney Junior Stars total [if you have them activated]. There are 3 random kinds to give out from the list below:

  • Minigame Master: This goes to whoever won the most gold doubloons from the minigames.
  • Super Shopaholic: This goes to whoever spent the most gold doubloons in the shops.
  • Mouseketool Marvel: This goes to whoever used the most Mouseketools.
  • Surprise Seeker: This goes to whoever landed on the most Green Spaces
  • Top Trapper: This goes to whoever laid the most trap Mousketools on the board.
  • Red Rebel: This goes to whoever landed on the most Red Spaces
  • Long-Distance Runner: This goes to whoever travelled the most spaces!


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List of Goods for Party Mode

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