Dong Dong Never Die II: Endless Challenge is the sequel to Dong Dong Never Die. This time, rather than just fighting characters from parts of China (and Taiwan), more characters would appear from more parts of the world. The game will also be available in Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, and German.

Veteran Characters

  • Dong Dong
  • Ken
  • Sun Wu Kong
  • Ming Boy
  • Mo Shu Shi
  • Gouki
  • Mario
  • Da Lan
  • Terminator*
  • Fei Fei
  • Yin Yin
  • Jian Ci Lang
  • Xiao Pan
  • A Shuang
  • Wu Liao Jun
  • Main Hua Tang
  • Jie Mei Hua
  • Jie Jie
  • Zhu Ge Liang
  • Huo Chai Ren
  • Sheng Hua Nan*
  • Liu Mang
  • Jiang Bao
  • Tuo Lei
  • Violent Dong Dong*



  • Hyun Sao Yeh (stereotypical Korean Starcraft player who uses units from the game to attack for him, has low attack and is very fragile, but he is somewhat fast and has one of the highest special stat in the game)
  • Jun Kawakami (Japanese swordsman who's moveset is based on Marth [Fire Emblem] in Super Smash Bros. Melee)
  • Takuya Hirano ( Not-so average Japanese student who's moveset is based on Dio Brando [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure])
  • Ruko Hirano (Takuya's sister who uses two combat knives to fight, and they also stun her enemy, making her similar to Tuo Lei)
  • Lucas Vince (an American who is a jack-of-all-trades, as he is well balanced in power, speed, health, and special)
  • Aya Shizama (sadistic Japanese woman and secondary antagonist, has low speed, average power and health, and the second highest special in the game, wants to kill Takuya and Ruko Hirano, but Aya has no connection to G.O.D.)
  • Shin Chuang (mid-boss and rival of Gouki, he mainly uses guns to fight, but he also can super jump and deal damage by simply landing on his enemy)
  • Sahid Mohammad (Arab guy who is balanced like Lucas Vince)
  • Chris Stone (Just a British shoto-clone)
  • Donald McDonald (Japanese Ronald McDonald who has the same moveset as M.U.G.E.N.)
  • Yong Tai (a brutal fighter and mid-boss, he is based on Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but the Falcon Punch is now a hyper)
  • Charles Vince (father of Lucas Vince, but is a bit cheap since he has high power and speed, but the rest of his stats are above average).
  • Pejeman Radan (Persian mid-boss based on Magneto's MvC2 moveset)
  • Cheng Shi Huan (has high special, strong attack, average speed, and low health, rival of Jun Kawakami, but Cheng doesn't use a sword)
  • Evil Donald* (basically Donald McDonald except with inverted colors, "G-Major" sounds, and deadlier power and speed)
  • Jake Winston (a fat brony, is slow but has high health and the rest of his stats are average)
  • G.O.D.* (a god-like robot originally designed to protect humans, he was accidentally destroyed and later re-built by terrorists to attack the goverments and citizens of large countries such as China, Japan, the United States, and more. G.O.D. is the game's final boss and his attacks are based on numerous characters, including Seth [Street Fighter IV], Shin Akuma [Capcom vs SNK 2], Giygas [Earthbound/ Mother 2], and even Excellent Donald [a rare and deadly evolution of Donald McDonald exclusive to M.U.G.E.N.]. If the player defeats G.O.D. without having to use any continues in all of the fights, they will be able to take down the four terrorists who programmed G.O.D. to lay waste to innocent lives)
  • Peter Mirkovich* (a Russian terrorist and user of explosives, he is a boss character and most of his attacks cause some sort of explosion, parodying the "Explosive Fists" cheat from GTA IV. These explosions aren't just for show, as they actually increase the damage of his attacks, so unless your prepared, expect to get defeated quickly if you try to use a fragile character such as Hyun Sao Yeh or Ming Boy. Also, if the player wins the match as Gouki, then a helicopter will arrive and arrest Peter. Peter will be unlocked upon defeat.)
  • Barry Bordeaux* (a French terrorist who fights in a robot suit which has an extremely strong attack, high health, high special, but the lowest speed in the game, and when the suit is destroyed, Barry is fast, but fragile, much like Hyun Sao Yeh, but one of his specials instantly repairs his robot suit, giving him his attack, health, and special bonus back, but you can K.O. him either way. If the player defeats him as Gouki, then a helicopter will arrive and arrest Barry. Barry wll be unlocked upon defeat.)
  • Arador Pedroza* (a stereotypical Mexican drug addict and terrorist who attacks by using various illegal substances for attacking and increasing his stats. His stats can vary depending on what he injects into his system, but by default, he is balanced, just like Mario in the previous game. If the player defeats him as Gouki, then a helicopter will arrive and arrest Arador. Arador will be unlocked upon defeat)
  • Hu Liang Yun* (terrorist leader and true final boss, he has the highest total stats in the game, being maxed out in all areas. His body is modified with parts left over from the remains of Sheng Hua Nan, the final boss of the previous game. If the player is un-prepared, he will air-juggle the player until they are KO'd. He also has an RPG-7 and a sniper rifle as hypers, but he can also perform a Road Roller Da, but he uses a giant airplane instead of a cement roller. After the first phase, G.O.D. and Dong Dong will assist the player by atempting to kill im the same way Dong Dong killed Sheng Hua Nan in the first game, but it fails, and Dong Dong is nearly killed. The final phase is where end credits play while you fight Hu Liang Yun, which can be a distraction. After his defeat, the player finishes him off off-screen. Hu Liang Yun becomes playable upon defeat.)
  • Luigi* (unlike Mario, who is basically a spriteswap of Akuma, Luigi has his moveset based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as he jumps higher than Mario, but has less attack and a much higher speed and special stat)
  • Meta Knight* (he was intentionally designed to be cheap as he has deadly attack and speed, along with above average health and speed from his moveset Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as this was to make fun of how he is often considered "god tier" in Brawl by making him cheap in this game.)
  • Xiao Mei (a rich teenage girl who is based on Karin Kanzuki.She carries a long pole and has the moveset of Billy Kane.Her moveset has nothing to do with Karin.)
  • Lin Lin (A high school girl who is Ming Boy's older sister and rival of Xiao Mei.She is based on Sakura Kasugano and her moveset has more attack than her brother's.)

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