Doodle Kart (Consle Verison) is a game based on Doodle Kart (App Version).


When a time bomb falls into doodle land, a strange woman comes out of it and her name is Super Mary. she tells all doodle people that she challenges everyone into a tournament, if the winning racer wins, she will challenge them into a final race. BUT if she wins, she will turn the intire city into a kingdom, AND MAKE THE LOSERS HERE SLAVES!!!



  • Stick Stickely
  • Blue Angry Bird
  • Pengo
  • Kirby


  • Ar Har
  • Catfish
  • Furball
  • Danellie Sonet
  • Buuble Bee
  • Rackety Shack
  • Hahata
  • Hahata's Father
  • The Rappin Dog
  • Flower Dope
  • The Genie Of Dooodle Land
  • Super Mary (Unlocked by beating the game)

More features to come...

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