Doug Scheer Games is the company founded in 1989 founded by User:Doug.scheer located in ?, It create games.

1990s Games


  • The Adventures Of Yellow Bear
  • The Adventures Of Yellow Bear 2

Super NES/Super Famicom

  • Clash Attack
  • Yellow Bear's Mighty Fall
  • Yellow Bear Kart

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • The Adventures Of Yellow Bear: Genesis Editon

Game Boy

  • Yellow Bear Land
  • Yellow Bear Land 2

Game Gear

  • Yellow Bear Combat


  • Yellow Bear Battle Ops
  • Pottter Puppet Pals Rally (This was relased in 2000)
  • Robo Kid


  • Yellow Bear 3D
  • Yellow Bear Kart 64
  • Yellow Bear Combat 2

2005 Games

Gameboy Advance

  • Yellow Bear Kart Super Circuit

Nintendo Gamecube

  • Yellow Bear Nitro Kart
  • Yellow Bear Extreme
  • Yellow Bear Collection
  • Robo Kid 2


  • Yellow Bear DS
  • Yellow Bear Kart DS
  • Club Penguin's Halloween Party
  • HiHi Puffy AmiYumi Kirby Yoshi
  • Super Secert Spies

Xbox 360

  • Yellow Bear: Xbox Edtion

2008 Games


  • Yellow Bear: Do-It-Yourself
  • Super Secert Spies 2
  • Robo Kid 3


  • Mini Yellow Bear
  • Mini Secert Spies
  • Robo Kid Mayhem


  • Mine Cart Racing
  • HiHi Puffy AmiYumi Kirby Yoshi 2
  • Yellow Bear Pilot
  • Yellow Bear Kart Wii
  • Robo Kid Racing
  • Super Secert Spies Wii

2011 Games

Wii, & Xbox 360

  • Yellow Bear Ultra
  • Yellow Bear: Rise of the Starscram


  • Yellow Bear 3D Land
  • Yellow Bear Kart 7

More to come...

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