Dr.Slump is a video game based on the hit manga created by Akira Toriyama. The game is for the Nintendo DSN, 3DS, DS, PSP, and PS Vita


The boxart for the videogame


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Arale Norimaki:Arale is no more than a typical 13-year-old girl, which they appear to believe in spite of taking notice to Arale's numerous displays of superhuman athletic capability.


Senbei Norimaki:Senbei's life changed when he created an android who he adopted as his daughter named Arale. In many episodes he invents something and Arale Norimaki calls him Doraemon. He developed a huge crush on the Junior High School teacher Midori Yamabuki who he dreams about a lot.


Gatchan:Gatchan" Norimaki



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