Cutscens from the Dsn Verison

Monkey King and Bloomers

A monkey tailed 12 year old meets a Blue-Haired normal 16 year old girl and the girls name is Bulma and the boy's name is Goku

  • Goku:That takes care of wood choppin' now i'm only hungry
  • Goku:I think i'm gonna catch a fish

No Balls!

  • Goku fighting a pack of Wolves
  • Goku and Bulma meet turtle
  • Goku getting ready for his first bath
  • Goku slapping Bulma's panties
After being rescued Bulma shows Goku what lights are and TV is and Goku gets his first bath but when Goku gets food for himself he brings home a wolf and eats in and early in the morning Goku is curious why Bulma is wearing panties and removed then to see nothing was there.

Sea Monkeys/The call me the turtle hermit

  • Goku going against a bear theif who wants to eat the turtle
  • Bulma lifting up her night gown because of Master Roshi wanting to see her panties
  • Goku getting the nimbus cloud
After getting the turtle back to the ocean he returns with Master Roshi who gives Goku a flying nimbus to ride and you have to be purehearted to ride it.

Oolong the terrible

  • Bulma telling Oolong transformed into handsome doctor what her bra size was
  • Goku being fulled by Oolong in his true form
When seeing a guy who hurts Goku with an ax he mentions a guy named Oolong and Bulma makes a deal if Goku goes after Oolong they will give them the dragon ball.

Yamcha the desert bandit

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