Dragon Ball the video game is about the first few Saga's put into

video game form.



Son Goku:A young warrior who has a tail and is a student of Master Roshi the turtle hermit


Krillin:Goku's best friend who is also a student of the turtle hermit school

Bulma:Goku's friend who searches for the dragon balls


Oolong:A pig who has the power the transform into anything he wants


Puar:It is unknown what Puar really is but he was also in the same school as Oolong which means he can transform.

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Master Roshi:An old pervert who teaches Krillin,Yamcha and Goku

Free Vector DragonBall yamcha 0012253

Yamcha:Bulma's boy friend who is friends with Goku,Krillin and Puar

Saga 1 :Empore Pilad Saga

Episode 1:The Monkey King and Bloomers

Level 1:Finding Fish

Playable characters:Son-Goku

Mini Games:Chopping wood,Tree to tree jump

Plot:After chopping wood Goku wants to find fish for lunch.

Level 2:Big Monster

Playable characters:Goku


Plot:A car drives by Goku and Goku throws it and a girl comes out and tries to shoot him.

Level 3:Save Bulma

Playable characters:Goku

Mini games:Untie Time

Boss:Flying Dinosour

Plot:Bulma has gotten stolen by a dinosour and Goku must save her.

Episode 2:No Balls

Level 1:Real Food

Mini games:Make a fire

Plot:After Goku's first bath he wants to eat real food.

Episode 3:Sea Monkeys

Playable characters:Goku

Plot:After waking up Goku does his normal exersize.

You have recived the flying nymbus

Episode 4:Oolong The terrible

Playable characters:Goku

Boss:Oolong as a bull

Plot:Goku has to catch Oolong the terrible and.

Level 1:Soup Oolong

Playable characters:Goku

Boss:Oolong monster

Plot:When Goku is not looking Oolong transforms again.

Level 2:Battle in the sky.

Item Used:Flying Nymbus

Playable character:Goku

Boss:Bat Oolong

Plot:Oolong transforms into a bat a flies away.

Level 1:Yamcha Desert Bandit

Playable characters:Goku


Plot:Goku runs into a desert bandit

Level 1:Ox king's moutain

Playable characters:Goku,Bulma and Oolong

Boss:Ox King

Plot:Searching for more dragon ball's they run into Ox Kings moutain.

Level 1:The kamehameha wave

Playable characters:Master Roshi


Plot:When Goku gets the Ox kings daughter Master Roshi uses a ki blast.

Level 1:Defeat Rabbit Guys

Playable Characters:Goki

Boss:Rabbit Minions

Plot:Defeat an army of rabit minions.

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