The next saga of Dragon Ball the video game.

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Kid goku

Goku:A kid with a tale searches for dragon balls and fights on most of his adventures


Bulma:is the daughter of the Capsule Corporation's founder, Dr. Brief.and is Goku's first friend She used to be the girlfriend of Yamcha


Krillin:Goku's friend


Yamcha:s a former desert bandit. He was once an enemy of Goku, but eventually reformed and became a lifelong friend and ally. He was the first of the eventual Z Fighters to meet and team up with Goku. He was once the boyfriend of Bulma, and finds a constant companion in Puar.


General Blue Saga

Level 1:Bulma's bad day

Playable character:Bulma

Boss:Red Ribon Army Soliders

Plot:When the red ribon army comes Bulma has to run away from them.

Cutscene:Goku comes in and defeats the Red Ribon Army

Level 2:Red Ribon Attack

Playable characters:Master Roshi and Launch

Boss:Red Ribon Army Soliders

Plot:The Red Ribon Army Soliders come to Master Roshi's house

Level 3:We'll just jump

Playable characters:Goku and Krillin


Plot:Goku,Krillin and Bulma are going to get a treasure they have to face there first obstacle and need to jump over a hole trap with darts.

Level 4:Defeat the pirate robot

Playable characters:Goku and Krillin

Boss:Pirate robot

Plot:Goku,Bulma and Krillin run into a pirate robot

Level 5:Giant Octupus

Playable characters:Goku

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