The ZipBoy is a portable gaming system developed by DreamLine Cybertainment, released in 2002 to compete with Nintendo's GameBoy Advance.

General Overview

The ZipBoy is a handheld system that runs software titles off of iOmega's compact PocketZip (formerly named Clik!) magnetic disk format. With its PocketZip compatibility, combined with an innovative system menu interface, the ZipBoy could also be used as an MP3 player, by playing downloaded songs off of PocketZip disks. It can also view photos that are stored on PocketZip disks, as well. It has a fully-microswitched thumb stick with two shoulder buttons and four fire buttons, along with a start button and select button. The ZipBoy also features a backlit full-color LED screen with dial-adjustable brightness levels. Of course, the system also features an internal PocketZip drive, the most important component. 

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