Playable Characters




Captain Melonhead and Plank

Main Character Credits

Ed - The Protagonist and Antagonist(For C.M.)

Edd - The Protagonist and Henchmen(For C.M.)

Eddy - The Tritongonist/Protagonist and Primary Antagonist(For C.M.)

Captain Melonhead - The Protagonist and The Main Antagonist(For the Eds)

Splinter - The Second Protagonist and The Main Antagonist(For the Eds)

Eddy's Brother - The Second/Third(2x4) Main Antagonist(For The Eds and Captain Melonhead)


(For the Eds)

Eddy pulled the biggest scam(Ed,Edd,n,Eddy Big Picture Show) and the kids are after them.Ed,Edd,n Eddy run through levels to run away from them when they face the bosses(All the kids, excluding Jonny and Plank(So Far))They arrive at Eddy's Brother's trailer where they meet with Eddy's Brother.

After a long conversation The Eds fight Eddy's Brother.If The Eds lose, Eddy's Brother trap all the kids(Minus Captain Melonhead who hasn't arrived) in a cage and tortures them and the Game Yells "YOU LOSE"If you win Eddy's Brother yells Uncle and falls to the ground defeated.After that all the kids cheer for the Eds, but Captain Melonhead and Splinter appear and fight the Eds.Captain Melonhead is the hardest boss in the game.If the Eds lose they are held captive in The Melon Cave but if they win Captain Melonhead surrenders and then warns the Eds that Eddy's Brother is up.

Eddy's Brother begins to torture the Eds until the kids pummel him.In the credits Jonny and Plank are hated by the kids.They do the same ending as The Big Picture Show but instead of saying Movie they say Game.

(For Captain Melonhead and Splinter)

Coming Soon.

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