FGND is a fighting game which is played in the style of Marvel VS Capcom. The Plot of the game is Quahog is hosting a fighting tournament while Bertram who plots to destroy USA with a little help from Carter Pewterschmidt.


Peter Griffin

Peter wants to be the best of all of Quahog.

Glenn Quagmire

His wish is to win all the woman he wants.

Cleveland Brown

He just wanted to win the trophy prize.

Lois Griffin

She aims to puts her martial prowess to the test in the fighting contest.

Tricia Takanawa

She was the only Asian to enter the tourney.

Brian Griffin

Brian enters the tournament in hope of finding all the booze he wants.


Entered the contest for no reason.

Tomak and Bellgarde

The 2 Foreign Guys enter the tournament to test their friendship.

Stewie Griffin

He fears that Bertram is still alive, Stewie is off to kill him again.

Chris Griffin

He want to get the prize for himself. Uses the Evil Monkey as his assist.

Meg Griffin

Meg wants to prove that she is the most popular girl in JWHS, only to be harassed by her students, calling her ugly monkey.

Ollie Williams

He wanted to become the strongest of the world.

Mort Goldman

Having found the Book of Forbidden Magic for Jews, he decide to try it out.


After watching several Martial Arts movies, he's determined to win the tournament.

Tom Tucker

Tom want to claim the prize before the others does.

Joe Swanson

Joe aimed to arrest Bertram and win the contest.


A generic stickman. Serves as a training dummy and is playable by entering a cheat code.


A guest character from Street Fighter.

Dr. Phil Hartman

He aims to claim the prize money to donate.

Mayor Adam West

He enters the tournament he's hosting.

Diane Simmons

Having reincarnated as an android, she wishes to put Tom out of misery.


The alter-ego of Bertram and Final Boss of FGND. He plans to destroy Quahog.

Violent Peter

Sub-Boss. It was Peter who injected Meth into himself, turning him into a powerful fighter.

Giant Chicken

Peter's Rival. He takes Violent Peter's place if you play as Peter Griffin/Violent Peter and is Playable by entering a cheat code.

Carter Pewterschmidt

Mid-Boss. He fights with his trusty knife along with his sabre and two revolvers.

Mr. Washee Washee

Secert character. He fights Ryu if you play as him and is playable by entering a cheat code.

Cheat Code Criteria

Giant Chicken


Mr. Washee Washee




Violent Peter


Carter Pewterschmidt




Bonus Stages

Car Smash

The player must destroy the car before time runs out.

Cadillac & Dinosaurs/Final Fight/Warriors of Fate

Here, the player aims to defeat all enemies to advance. After 3 stages, you have to fight Ryu. If the player take control of Ryu, you have to fight Mr. Washee Washee instead.

Battle for Quahog

After the credits, you have to fight 3 post-ending matches.

1. VS 2 Opponents

2. VS 4 Opponents

3. Final Battle VS 7 Opponents

Once you cleared the VS 7 match, you get to see a sneak-peek of a remake of The Simpsons Arcade for Nintendo 3DS, Wii, PS3 & Xbox 360

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