Gannon X: Battle For The Golden Uglydoll is the ultimate Gannnon X adventure based on the upcoming film.

Playble Heros

  • Gannon
  • Kirby
  • Ami
  • Yoshi
  • Samurari Jack
  • Gumball Watterson
  • Bubbles
  • Yumi
  • Mario (Unlockable)
  • Wage (Unlockable)
  • Sonic (Unlockable)
  • Giant Hamster Monster (Unlockable)


  1. Gettin The Hang Of Things: help Gannon & the others start training.
  2. The Search: help Gannon & the others find toadsworth, look for a pink boo, & collect 10 gems!
  3. Race To Uglydoll City: Gannon has landed on Uglydoll City! Help him & his freinds beat the level!
  4. A New Hero!: Wage has joined the group! play as him or a diffrent character to The Main Sqaure.
  5. Here We Are!: They have made it to the Main Square but it's under attack! help them stop Buzz! (Boss Battle)
  6. Road To The Multiverse: Gannon & the others have accidently used a Other Universe device to go to a diffrent world!
  7. Multiverse Brawl: Gannon had met a new villain...The Mutil King! (Boss Battle)
  8. Mushroom Canarage: Gannon & the others have now landed in Mushroom Kingdom!
  9. It's A Me, Mario!: Mario has joined the group! Help them look for Rosalina!
  10. Back At Melgotic City...: Rosalina has taked them back to melgotic city...But it's under attack by Z-Strap! (Boss Battle)
  11. The Chase: Gannon has introduced them "The Gannon Moblie".
  12. Loudest Quest Ever: They are now at "Loud Land", to look for the hi-jump springs.
  13. Not Again...: Mr. Loudy has stumpled upon them! (Boss Battle)
  14. It's Getting Dark: Help the others get back to Gannon HQ!
  15. The Next Day: Gannon & the others have now made it just in time to Battle 50 Enimes!
  16. High School Havoic: Did Gannon just see his high school get wrecked?
  17. 6th Grade Hangout: Gannon & the others mad it to te hangout!
  18. Julie's Return: Ami & Yumi's rival has returned! (Boss Battle)
  19. Pirate Seas: Ahoy! Gannon has made it to find Sonic!
  20. Sonic's Here!: Sonic has been found!
  21. Teachers Lounge Gone Cra-z: People are smashing the teachers lounge! Help Gannon stop the random people!
  22. The Scream Is Stolen?: Gannon has found out the the famous art picture "The Scream" has been stolen!
  23. E.V.I.L. HQ: help Gannon & the others use invisibilty to sneak by the guards.
  24. Battle For The Scream: The Cheif Of E.V.I.L. challanges the gang to a battle! (Boss Battle)
  25. Race To The Battle Arena: Help Gannon & the others use "The Gannon Mobile" once again to race up to The Battle Arena!
  26. Hamsters Vs. Robots: Gannon has now found Giant Hamster Monster, & there ready to battle Mecha Bowser! (Boss Battle)
  27. What The?: Gannon & the others are back at Melgotic City again...But something has been invading the House Of Ugly!
  28. Ghost Gangplank: Before the can go to the House Of Ugly, they now need to look for the Golden Uglydoll!
  29. Almost There...: Now Gannon & The Others can get back to House Of Ugly for the final battle!
  30. Final Showdown: It is time for the final battle with Aku, Sid The Bully, Spooky, Buzz, Captain Boxer, King Ghost, & Phantom Z-Strap! (Final Boss Battle)


  1. Buzz (Here We Are!)
  2. Multi King (Multiverse Brawl)
  3. Z-Strap (Back At Melgotic City...)
  4. Mr. Loudy (Not Again...)
  5. Julie (Julie's Return)
  6. The Cheif Of E.V.I.L. (Battle For The Scream)
  7. Mecha Bowser (Hamsters Vs. Robots)

Final Boss: Phantom Z-Strap (Final Showdown)

Extra Levels

  1. Surf's Up!: Ami & Yumi are going to surf with Kirby & Yoshi.
  2. Flowers For Juliet: Help Gannon find flowers for Juliet.

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