Gannon X Let's Go Tower Defense Play! is a Tower Defense Gannon X Game.


Playble Characters

  • Gannon (Starter)
  • Kirby (Starter)
  • Ami (Unlocked by beating T.U.F.F. HQ level)
  • Yoshi (Unlocked by beating Yoshi's House level)
  • Redford (Unlocked by beating Redford's House level)
  • Gumball (Unlocked by beating Candy Factory level)
  • Yoohoo (Unlocked by beating Yoohoo Jungle level)
  • Wage (Unlocked by beating Koopa Beach level)
  • White Fang (Unlocked by beating Moshling Clubhouse level)
  • Darwin (Unlocked by beating Melgotic City Docks level)
  • Mr. Game & Watch (Unlocked by beating The Creek level)
  • Bubbles (Unlocked By beating Boss Battle level)
  • Penny (Unlocked by beating Boss Battle level)
  • Agnes (Unlocked by beating Boss Battle level)
  • Numbuh 1 (Unlocked by beating Boss Battle Level)
  • M. Bison (Unlocked by entering a cheat code)

Other Characters

  • The Chamaleon (Character in Yoshi's House cutscene)
  • Ren Hoek (Character in Candy Factory cutscene)
  • Kaz (Character in Tour Bus cutscene)
  • Dark Shadow Guy (Character in Koopa Beach cutscene)
  • Furi (Character in Moshling Clubhouse cutscene)
  • Unnamed Troopers (Characters in Melgotic City Docks cutscene)
  • Peg Puppy (Character in The Creek cutscene)
  • Chiniese People (Enimes)
  • Genral Mills Gang (Enimes)
  • Samuris (Enimes)
  • Razor Blood (Final Boss)


  1. Dudley's House
  2. T.U.F.F. HQ
  3. Kirby's House
  4. Yoshi's House
  5. Candy Factory
  6. Tour Bus
  7. Koopa Beach
  8. Moshling Clubhouse
  9. Melgotic City Docks
  10. The Creek

Last Level: Downtown Melgotic City (After you beat this level you fight the boss.)

For Cutscenes, see here


  • Snowballs
  • Buzz Beamer Tower
  • De Blob Tower
  • Strong Tower
  • Ice Tower
  • Fire Tower
  • Super Tower/Super Attack


  • This is a parody of South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
  • This game is avaible for Wii, Xbox 360, & Any DS Consle.
  • The cheat code for M. Bison is YES!. There is also a cheat code for Bonus Outfits.

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