Gannon X Party! is a party game for the Wii, Xbox Kinect, DSi, & Playstation Move.


Mini Games

Pac Attack

Surf's Up!

Bowl The Balls

Hamma Slamma

Don't Blow Up The Bomb!

Candy Combos

Kick, Twist, Punch, & More

Tex Chase

Where's My Chicken?

Bubble Hunt

Dragon Wagons


Savage Blades

The Big Orange Alarm Clock

Stop The Skaters!

Bad Romance

Race For Some Smoke

Kart Speedway


Air Ballon Chase

Hide & Seek Of DOOM!!!

Aim For The Right Prize

Batter Up!

Escape From Gramma's House

Astroid Alley

Slingshot Away!

Strike A Pose

Rainbow Race


  • "Pac Attack" is a paroday of "Crack Attack"

Beta Elements

  • Little Miss Sunshine was a playble character in the demo.
  • Ned from Ned's Declasified was going to be in it but he got replaced with Mac Foster.
  • King Dedede was supossed to be a cameo but then he got moved to a playble character.
  • Tina-Rex was the refree on one of the Mini Games but, it's unknown.
  • Pac Man Jr. was going to be in the game But, he was too "Generic".

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