Gannon X Unite is a Adventures Games for Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360


Name Picture Series
Gannon Picture 7 Gannon X
Kirby Kirby The Adventure of Kirby & Yoshi
Ami Ami Hihi Puffy YumiAmi
Yoshi Yoshi The Adventure of Kirby & Yoshi


Gannon X Universe

  1. Gannon's Club

Yoshi Universe

  1. Yoshi Island
  2. Yoshi's Cave
  3. Bowser Jr's Castle
  4. Bowser Jr's Throne Room

Hihi Puffy YumiAmi Universe

  1. YumiAmi's Highway
  2. Concert
  3. Backstage
  4. Z-Starp's Lair

Kirby Universe

  1. Kirby's Dreamland
  2. Meta Knight's Revenge
  3. Dedede's Fortress
  4. The Big Hammer

Gannon X Universe

  1. Angry Bird Anveue
  2. Monster Factory
  3. The Fantasic Voyage of Annoying Orange
  4. Onett Under Attack
  5. Porky's Lair
  6. The Final Showdown

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