Ghost Crime is an interactive drama that was developed and published by Aozora exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The story was written and directed by the anime creator and founder of Aozora, Akira Jotaro. Ghost Crime was modeled after a film noir and a mystery genre anime.


John Kuroda is a private investigator from Tokyo, Japan who accepted a case which none of the police could solve, this case was given the name "Killer Ghost" because the murderer has never once been seen and leaves no trace of him ever being there, he was given the nickname "Kira" since the name came from the word "Killer." John Kuroda is one of the few people brave enough to investigate closely, during one of his cases, he meets a reporter named Hanako Jushui who is also investigating the Killer Ghost Kira case closely and is followed by her through out most of the game. Both John and Hanako investigate this case to find Kira and bring him to justice.


Ghost Crime uses timed interaction scenes that need to be pressed in order to move on to the next part of the scene, if one of the buttons isn't pressed before the time is up, the scene chooses an aswer out of random. The scenes chosen cannot be undone and every part chosen leads to a different scene that could change a scenario (for example: in some scenes, pressing a button could lead to John's death or solving a mystery right away). In most scenarios, there are hidden items that could help solve a case quicker if found, but if the item is missed, the case might be needed to be replayed or might take a longer time than normal.

Cases could be replayed once John dies or fails to solve the mystery, they could also be replayed once the game is completed. Some scenarios could be skipped depending on how the player does in one of the cases. There are 45 side-cases which will not effect the storyline in any way and could be skipped completely, but they could help the player gain money or more information for some of the story cases. The side-cases could be selected in John's office after a case is finished.

There are 100 cases in total, 65 are part of the storyline and the other 45 are side-cases which could be helpful in completing some story missions.