Hibiki (game) is the game.


Trifall can destroy/devour/enslave wisps and rescue 12 colour mages.

Playable Characters

  • Trifall
  • Colour (Prince Elise)

Non-Playable Characters

  • Huckit Lemming


  • Red Mage
  • Blue Mage
  • Green Mage
  • Yellow Mage
  • Orange Mage
  • Purple Mage
  • Pink Mage
  • Cyan Mage
  • Magneta Mage
  • Turquoise Mage
  • Violet Mage
  • Rainbow Mage

A Message from Christian

  • The truth is that Namirog didn't create, it was Amco who did this. That's right, It was a division of TypeVision, So I'm going to bring the employee of my brain back to its right way, and I won't make Western things that came from Japan ever again. So, can you please forgive me?