Hoops&Yoyo: The Video Game is a new game based on the same greeting cards. Doug.scheer mae this game, AND NOT NERMAL THE BUTTHEAD!!!

Playble Characters

  • Hoops
  • Yoyo
  • Piddles
  • Chili Bear (Unlockable)
  • Puck (Unlockable)
  • Blue Bird (Unlockable)
  • Marshy (Unlockable)
  • Newbie (Unlockable)


  • Death Man's Drop (Play as Hoops)- Drive over a awesome hill to earn $100.
  • Pac-Bunny (Play as Yoyo)- Play a mini-game.
  • Save Chili Bear! (Play as Hoops & Yoyo)- Fight the Pirates to save your freind Chili Bear.
  • The Race (Play as Hoops & Yoyo)- Race down a large hill.
  • Hot Dog Madness (Play as Piddles)- Make a dozen hot dogs to severe 12 customors.
  • Prank Caller (Play as Hoops, Yoyo, Piddles, Chili Bear, & Puck)- Play as these 5 characters to fight the Prank Caller and return the present for Blue Bird.
  • Follow That Bunny! (Play as Hoops, Piddles, & Blue Bird)- Play as these 3 characters and chase Yoyo's body with the Robo Animal Car.
  • Hoops & The Yoyos (Play as Hoops & Yoyo)- Peform a rock concert. (The keys are like Guitar Hero but you use the A, B, & Z buttons)
  • The Chase (Play as Newbie)- Chase a robber with a Taxi.
  • Snowball Battle!!! (Play as Hoops)- Fight a yeti to save your freinds.
  • Spin Dizzy(Play as Marshy)- Ride a roller coaster from Funworld.
  • Lemon Demons (Play as Hoops, Yoyo, & Puck)- Battle 3 lemon demons.
  • O'Wizard (Play as Hoops & Yoyo)- Play O'Wizard.
  • Attack Of The 50ft. Crow (Play as Newbie)- Fight a giant crow & turn him into TURKEY!!
  • Cupcake Racers! (Play as Hoops, Yoyo, Piddles, Or Puck)- Race in a kitchen!
  • Rise Of Dora (Play as Hoops & Yoyo)- Battle Dora and defeat her!
  • The Arena (Secert level) (Play as Hoops, Yoyo, Piddles, Chill Bear, Puck, Blue Bird, Marshy, & Newbie)- Play as everyone in this awesome secert level.

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