The game is all about Cartoons stars saving the world from the game bosses (the Mojoballs are in the DNA of the world). The game bosses are Ice King, Magneto, Lumpus, A Corrupted Endive, MPC, Kanker Sisters, Mojo Jojo and Vilgax.


  • Finn
  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Benson
  • Pops
  • Skips
  • Lazlo
  • Chowder
  • Ed
  • Edd
  • Eddy
  • Billy
  • Blossom
  • Bubbles
  • Buttercup
  • Ben 10
  • Muscleman
  • High Five Ghost
  • Jake
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Clam
  • Mung Daal
  • Truffles
  • Grim
  • Mandy
  • Nergal
  • Nergal Jr.
  • Dexter
  • Johnny Bravo
  • Spider-Man (playable when beat Ice King)
  • Nightcrawler
  • Johnny 2x4
  • Plank
  • Spongebob
  • Timmy
  • Jimmy

Story Mode Missions[1]Edit

"Adventure Protection" - Play as Finn or Jake(Jake turned as a boot ot kill the bugs)

"What Happened to Muscle Man" Play as Mordecai,Rigby,or High Five Ghost

"Camp Kidney's Missing" - Play as Lazlo or Raj

"Blurple Nurples" - Play as Chowder or Shnitzel

"We are The X-Men" - Play as Nightcrawler

"Billypuff Girls" - Play as Grim,Billy,Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup,Mandy,or Irwin

"Look, Plank!" Play as Jonny 2x4 and Plank

"Mandark Rivalry" Play as Dexter

"Ice King" - Play as anyone (Dialouge with Finn,Jake,High Five Ghost, Raj and Spider-Man)

"Time to go Ultimate" - Play as Ben 10 (used Heatblast, Waybig, Humongousaur and Ultimate Humongousaur), Jake, Spider-Man and Nightcrawler

"Lumpus" - Play as Lazlo

"My,Dear Warrior" - Play as Princess Bubblegum

"Find the Slackers"- Play as Benson

"Demon Slayers" - Play as Rigby or Nightcrawler

"Mathmatical Fight" - Play as Ben 10,Jonny 2x4 and Plank,Billy,Irwin,Blossom,Buttercup,Finn,High Five Ghost,Mordecai,Benson,Pops,Nightcrawler,Lazlo,Chowder,Johnny Bravo,or Dexter

"Truffles" - Play as any character except Mung and Johnny

"Skips" - Play as Mordecai,Rigby,Benson or Pops

"Mojo Jojo" - Play as any character except Johnny Bravo

"Magneto" - Play as Nightcrawler

"Muscle Man" - Play as High Five Ghost(Dialouge with HFG and Billy)

"Grim" - Play as any Billy & Mandy Character except Nergal Jr.

"Nergal" - Play as anyone except Johnny Bravo, and the Billy & Mandy Characters(Nergal Jr. is playable)

"Has a Good Day" - Play as HFG and JB

"Muscle Power" - Play as anyone

"I am Nightcrawler" - Play as Nightcrawler

"Has Fun Boys" - Play as anyone

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