This is a list of Scooby Doo: Mystery Mayhem Trophies/achievements. The game is part of Scooby Doo's VG Classics.

List of Trophies


Platinum Sleuth: Zoinks! you got all the trophies in the game!


One for the Books: complete the game, and solve the mystery of the Tome of Doom.

Sandwich Buffet: make all the sandwiches in all 5 levels

Clue Collector master: find all clues in all 5 levels


Hambridge Hero - Complete Episode 1: The Haunting of Hambridge

Director's Cut - Complete Episode 2: Mayhem at the Movies

[Not So] Weird Wild West - Complete Episode 3: Weird Wild West

Front and Centre! - Complete Episode 4: Bad Juju in the Bayou

Unmasked! - complete Episode 5: Hi-Tech Terror

Meddling Kids: Save Fred, Daphne, and Velma from Selena's mind control machine in episode 5.


Sandwich Maker: Collect all sandwich incredients in an episode.

Clue Finder: Find all clues in an episode

Minigame Player: Play all minigames at least once.

Ghost Catcher: Catch 50 ghosts [small, medium, large, Fire]

Shadow Catcher: Catch 20 Shadows

Poltergeist Catcher: Catch 25 Poltergeists

Mummy Catcher: Catch 20 Mummies

Dust Devil Catcher: Catch 20 Dust Devils

Zombie Catcher: Catch 30 Zombies

Tome of Doom: Learn to use the Tomb of Doom.

Bronze [Hidden]

Cool as Can Be: Episode 1 - Get back to the Library Lobby without losing all your cool and running away.

Make Up: Episode 2 - Try on costumes 5 times.

Gold in Them Thar Hills: Episode 3 - Get at least 130 Nuggets in the mine cart ride.

Stunt Rider: Episode 4 - Crash at least 20 times on the Mini Trail Bike section.

Safe Swimmer: Episode 4 - Complete the swim to the army camp where Shaggy is without being spotted or hurt any more than 3 times.

Scooby: Impossible: Episode 5 - Get to the elevator without being caught more than 5 times.

Fire Ghost Festival: Episode 5 - Catch at least 5 Fire Ghosts BEFORE neutralizing the Fire Ghost Boss.

Dress to Impress: try on costumes at least 10 times in the game

Switcheroo Scooby Doo: Swap between Scooby & Shaggy at least 30 times in the game

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