Here is the list of bosses in Super Smash Bros. 5. There is two types of bosses: stage boss and Into the Subspace Shadows boss.

They also appear in Smash Run and Boss Battles.


Boss Character Series Fought in
Master Hand Super Smash Bros. Final Destination (Classic Mode and Boss Battles)
Crazy Hand Super Smash Bros. Final Destination (Classic Mode and Boss Battles)
Master Core Super Smash Bros.
Petey Piranha Super Mario
Pompy, the Presumptuous Donkey Kong
The Imprisoned Legend of Zelda
Ridley Metroid
Bunson the Hot Dog Yoshi
Clanky Woods Kirby
Aparoid Queen Starfox
Giratina (Orgin Forme) Pokémon
Porky Minch Earthbound/Mother
Fomortiis Fire Emblem
Galactic Fiend Kraken Kid Icarus
Dinomighty Wario
Vehemoth Phosbat Pikmin
Metal Face Xenoblade
DJ Octavio Splatoon
Beastector Mischief Makers
Yellow Devil Mega Man
Lyric the Last Ancient Sonic the Hedgehog
Bearzerk Pac-Man
Bahamut SIN Final Fantasy
Metal Gear KODOQUE Metal Gear
Dracula Castlevania
Malefor Spyro
Bearminator Crash Bandicoot
Buggler Bomberman
Mr. Skops Rayman
Folgaran the Armour Beast Klonoa
Plasma Legion Azure Striker Gunvolt
Mr. Patch Banjo-Kazooie
I.N.E.P.T. Yooka-Laylee

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