This a list of The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie Trophies/achievements. The game is part of Spongebob's VG Classics.

List of Trophies


  • The Manliest of Men: Sacre bleu! You got all trophies in ze game!


  • Macho Time Master: Beat all the Patty Wagon and Spongeboarding Macho Time Challenges.
  • Ring Master: Beat all the Patty Wagon and Spongeboarding Ring Challenges.
  • Treasure Hunter: Get all the Treasure Chests in the game.
  • Buckets are so last year!: Defeat 400 enemies.
  • Boss Battle Master: Defeat any boss without taking any damage.
  • True Credit to Bikini Bottom: Watch the End credits all the way through.


  • Time Keeper: Beat all the Patty Wagon and Spongeboarding Time Challenges.
  • Spongeboarder Supreme: Complete every Spongeboarding Level without dying once. Falling off the track doesn't count.
  • Manly Boss Battle: Complete any boss battle without dying once.
  • What was this 'Plan Z' again?: Complete the game.
  • Treasure Seeker: Find half the treasure chests in the game.
  • The Power of Music: Complete all the Sonic Wave Guitar Challenges.
  • Chum Bucket Supreme: Defeat 250 enemies.
  • Patty Protector: Complete any Patty Wagon level without the Patty Wagon getting destroyed once.
  • Macho Moves: Upgrade all SpongeBob and Patrick's Moves to their upgraded 'Macho' form.
  • Holy Krabby Patties!: Upgrade both SpongeBob and Patrick's health bars to their maximum level.


  • I'm Just Oozing Macho: Perform your first upgrade of the game.
  • Return of the Patty Wagon: Get 50 Goofy Goober Tokens and bring back the Patty Wagon!
  • Arrgh!: Find 10 treasure chests.
  • Keep on Moving: Earn all of SpongeBob and Patrick's unlockable moves in the game.
  • Freeing Bikini Bottom One Hatless Soul At A Time: Defeat 125 enemies.
  • Enemy encyclopedia: defeat at least one of every enemy in the game. Bosses don't count.

Bronze [Hidden]

  • Say Cheese: Complete 'No Cheese!'
  • I'm a Goofy Goober, Yeah!: Complete 'I'm Ready... Depression'
  • You Don't Need A Licence To Drive A Sandwich: Complete 'Sandwich Driving 101'
  • Tower Toppler: Complete 'Three... Thousand Miles To Shell City'
  • Demolition Doofus: Complete 'Rub a Dub Dub, Slip Slide in the Tub'
  • The Key Ingredient: Complete 'Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt'
  • The Gate Escape: Complete 'No Weenie Parking Anytime'
  • Fight the Frog [Fish]: Complete: 'I'll Let You Pet Mr Whiskers'
  • Rock & Roll: Complete 'Rock Slide'
  • We Can Do Anything!: Complete 'Now That We're Men...'
  • Boob Tube Smasher: Complete 'Shell City, Dead Ahead'
  • This Will Only Hurt A Lot!: Complete 'Name's Dennis...'
  • Follow That Peanut!: Complete 'Sundae Driving'
  • Escape from the City: Complete 'Google Eyes and Smelly Knick-Knacks'
  • Dennis Defeated... Again: Complete 'Dennis Strikes Back'
  • Survivor of Planktopolis: Complete 'Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions'
  • For The Krusty Krab!!!: Complete 'Drive of the Knucklehead McSpazitron'
  • SpongeBob's Last Stand: Complete 'Turn the Tables on Plankton'
  • Heavy Iron's Time: unlock the hidden secret in 'Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions'

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