This is a list of races in Axis. Feel free to add your own.

Milky Way Galaxy

  • Humans / Homo-sapiens - Humans have existed for roughly 12 billion years. Other races consider Humans to be the first occupants of the Milky Way Galaxy since the Martians and Venusians began occupation of the galaxy roughly 200 years after the Humans' inception. Throughout the history of the universe, Humans are considered to be the most intelligent species in the Local Group other than the Vermillions.
  • Martians - Martians are native to the planet Mars in the Milky Way Galaxy and have been for roughly 12 billion years. There is a stereotype that Martians are anti-social because of their supposed persistence to hide from other races. This has been proven false since Martians are part of the Terra Firma Confederation, a large and popular organization that was formed to simply discuss plans on how to improve the Milky Way Galaxy. Most Martians have brutish and tall appearances and speak amongst themselves in a native language.

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