The Lukilo Power Puncher in North America,The Lukilo Shudo in Asia,And the Lukilo Jumperz in Europe.The Power Puncher was made by Lukilo Inc.


Lukilo first was a Japanese/Chinese book company.Then,after Nintendo made it's way to the USA,Lukilo did also.They made ancient rice coins.Then,2 years after the NES was released,Lukilo made the Power Puncher.So,the Power Puncher was released first in Asia as the Lukilo Shudo on March 12,1987.Then,it was released in North America as the Lukilo Power Puncher on August 23,1987.Finally,it was released as the Lukilo Jumperz on November 2,1987.

Sucessing and Games

The Power Puncher sold 1.5 million consoles worldwide.It had a total of 201 games,112 third-party games,and 89 Lukilo-made games.

Some of the games:Lukilo-LU Third Party-TP

  • Yellow Trike Force-TP
  • Mushroom King Kicker-LU
  • Stepper-TP
  • Psycho Extreem-LU
  • Rocky Road-TP
  • Machine Mayhem-LU
  • Slowter the Turtle 1,2,3,and 4-LU
  • Nest Of Doom!-TP
  • Pac-Man Advanced-TP
  • SlaughterFace!!-TP
  • Nest Of Doom!-

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