M&Ms Grand Prix is a racing game for PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, Wii U, & 3DS featuring the M&Ms spokescandies, new characters, and Ms Brown, the new M&Ms spokescandy.


Like Mario Kart and Dreamworks Super Star Kartz.


The M&Ms spokescandies decide to host a Grand Prix to sell more M&Ms, racing through wacky places like tropical islands, ice cream glaciers, up in outer space, and even the M&M's factory itself!

Playable Characters

Gallery Coming Soon. one aterisk means Switch, Wii, Wii U & 3DS only. 2 asterisks means Xbox systems only. 3 asterisks means Playstation systems only.


  • Red (Normal)
  • Yellow (Normal)
  • Blue (Cruiser)
  • Green (Light)
  • Orange/Crispy (Normal)


  • Jacko (Normal)
  • Eggbert (Feather)
  • Princess Val (Light)
  • SnowBelle (Cruiser)
  • Ricky Richguy (Cruiser)
  • Birthday Bunny (Normal)
  • Pretzel Guy (Normal)
  • Lightsnack Larry (Normal)
  • Surfer Dude (Light)
  • Firework Frank (Heavy)
  • Ms. Brown (Light)
  • Mii* [all classes]
  • Isabelle* [Light]
  • Avatar** [normal]
  • Sackboy*** [light]


Chocolate Cup

  1. Red Circuit
  2. Sled Runway
  3. Jumpy Junction
  4. Valentine Castle

Peanut Cup:

  1. The Big City
  2. Chocolate Volcano
  3. Minis Funfair
  4. Easter Egg Island

Crispy Cup:

  1. Vanilla Glacier
  2. Ocean Tunnel
  3. Candy Color Raceway
  4. Halloween Manor

Premium Cup:

  1. Surfer Beach
  2. Richguy Casino

M&Ms Kart Racing Cup:

  1. The Sweet Stadium
  2. Chocolate Factory
  3. Abstract Land
  4. Alien Space Craft

More To Come........

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