Mr. Men Speedway is a vidoe game for the Wii, Xbox Kinect, PSP, & Nintendo DS. The story of the game is that you must race through all the tracks to beat the game.



  1. Mr. Happy
  2. Little Miss Sunshine
  3. Mr. Perfect
  4. Little Miss Calamity
  5. Mr. Mischeif
  6. Mr. Rush
  7. Mr. Messy
  8. Mr. Nervous
  9. Mr. Chatterbox
  10. Little Miss Helpful
  11. Mr. Funny
  12. Mr. Sneeze
  13. Mr. Clever
  14. Little Miss Star
  15. Little Miss Tiny
  16. Little Miss Bossy
  17. Little Miss Whoops
  18. Mr. Busy
  19. Mr. Persnickety
  20. Mr. Strong
  21. Mr. Tall
  22. Little Miss Magic
  23. Mr. Nosey & Mr. Small
  24. Mr. Lazy
  25. Little Miss Naughty
  26. Little Miss Curiouius
  27. Little Miss Gigglies
  28. Mr. Bounce
  29. Mr. Greedy
  30. Mr. Quiet
  31. Mr. Clumsy
  32. Little Miss Scary
  33. Mr. Tickle
  34. Mr. Bump
  35. Little Miss Greedy
  36. Mr. Uppity
  37. Mr. Grumpy
  38. Mr. Sturrbon
  39. Mr. Rude
  40. Mr. Scatterbrain
  41. Little Miss Chatterbox
  42. Mr. Nosiy
  43. Little Miss Daredevil


Nintendo Power: This game is addictive...WERE NOT KIDDING!

Gamespot: Oh Man, we love this game we got all the characters. There's 43 racers!

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