Nickelodeon Party is a party videogame based on the Mario Party series. It features the Nicktoons partying. It is for the Wii & 3DS.


It is like the Mario Party Series. Except it has Nickelodeon characters.


Spongebob Universe:

Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick Star

Sandy Cheeks [Wii only]

Plankton [Unlockable]

Mr. Krabs [3ds only, unlockable]

Danny Phantom universe:

Danny Phantom

Sam Manson

Jack Fenton [3ds only]

Technus [Unlockable]

Vlad Plasmius [Unlockable]

Fairly OddParents universe:

Timmy Turner [with Cosmo, Wanda and Poof]

Vicky [3ds only, unlockable]

AJ [[3ds only]

Chester [3ds only]

Trixie [Unlockable, 3ds only]

Tootie [Unlockable, 3ds only]]

Jimmy Neutron Universe:

Jimmy Neutron

Beautiful Gorgeous [Unlockable]

Cindy [Unlockable]

Sheen [Unlockable]

Carl [Unlockable]

Libby [Unlockable]

Tak & the Power of Juju universe:


Lok [Wii & 3DS]

Jeera [3DS only]

Traloc [wii only, Unlockable]

Invader Zim Universe:


Gir [Wii only, unlockable]

Dib [Unlockable]

T.U.F.F. Puppy Universe:

Dudley Puppy

Kitty Katswell

Planet Sheen Universe:

Sheen Estevez

Ultra Lord


Doppy [Unlockables 3ds only]

Fanboy and Chum Chum:


Chum Chum

Yo [Unlockable 3ds only]

Boog [Unlockable 3ds only]

Oz [Unlockable 3ds only]

Kyle [Unlockable 3ds only]


Mii [both Wii & 3DS]

Uniqua [Wii and 3DS, unlockable]

Jenny/XJ9 [Wii only, unlockable]

Blu [from Rio, Wii only, unlockable]

de Blob [from De Blob, Wii only, unlockable]

Not counting the Miis, there are 21 characters in the Wii version and 19 in the 3DS version.

Boards & Board Rules

Juju Temple [Tak universe, Wii only] Rules: to get trophies, trade 20 energy tokens to Vendor Juju to get a trophy. After that, she will move somewhere else.

Goofy Boardwalk [Spongebob Universe] Rules: Reach Goofy Goober at the end of the course to get a trophy everytime you reach him.

Walker's Haunted House [Danny Phantom Universe, Wii only] Rules: Reach Walker in his room, and he'll charge you 10 energy tokens for a trophy. Then the board layout will change!

Ghost Zone [Danny Phantom Universe, 3DS only] Rules: Reach The Box Ghost and he'll trade 12 coins for a trophy, then he'll move somewhere else.

Jorgen's Fairly Odd Express [Fairly odd Parents, Wii only] Rules: Reach Jorgen Von Strangle at the train to get a trophy from him for 15 energy tokens. But watch out! Foop can change the cars around and confuse you!

Retroland Pinball [Jimmy Neutron universe]

Zim's Ship [Invader Zim Universe, 3DS only]

Party Planet [special Board, wii only, unlockable] Rules: Same as Bowser's Warped Orbit from Mario Party 8.

Global Tycoon Desk [Special Board, wii and 3DS, unlockable] Rules: A mix of Globe Trot from Wii Party, and Koopa's Tycoon Town from Mario Party 8.

Board Game Island [from Wii Party, Wii only] Rules: Just reach the top to get a free trophy.

Rio's Carnaval Party [Wii only, unlockable] Reach Jewel at the front, and she'll give you a free trophy! But watch out for Nigel, as he'll try to wreck things up!


Blue Space: get 3 energy tokens

Red Space: lose 3 energy tokens

Green Space: Triggers an event! Random each board.

Lucky space: teleports you to somewhere lucky!

Krabs Space: Mr. Krabs will trigger an event that will help you! After that, all Krabs spaces become Dora Spaces.

Dora Space: Dora will do an event that only brings misfortune! After that, all Dora spaces become Krabs Spaces.

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