Nicktoons: Battle for Golden Island is the Ultimate Nicktoons adventure the upcoming film The Game for Wii, Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS.

Playables Heros & Villains

  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Patrick Star
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Plankton
  • Danny Phantom
  • Sam Manson
  • Jack Fenton
  • Tucker Foley
  • Vlad Plasmius
  • Timmy Turner (With Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof)
  • Jorgen Von Strangle
  • Tootie
  • Mark Chang
  • Vicky
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Cindy Vortex
  • King Goo Bot V
  • Zim
  • Gir
  • Dib
  • Gaz
  • Tommy Pickles
  • Chuckie Finster
  • Kimi Finster
  • Angelica Pickles
  • Aang
  • Katara
  • Sokka
  • Zuko
  • Toph
  • Azula
  • Tak
  • Jeera
  • Lok
  • Traloc
  • Jenny XJ9
  • Vexus
  • Otis
  • Snotty Boy
  • Dudley Puppy
  • Kitty Katswell
  • Verminious Snaptrap
  • Fanboy
  • Chum Chum
  • Kyle
  • Boog

Non Playable Characters

  • Old Wise Crab
  • The Queen of the Myrmecs
  • The Mawgu
  • Great Carapace
  • Mad King Gorge


Level 1: Summoners Rock

Playable Characters: Spongebob,Dudley Puppy

People Found: Patrick Star

Level 2:Shipwreck Cliff

Playable Characters: Spongebob,Dudley Puppy,Patrick Star

People Found: Timmy Turner, Tootie, Vicky, Verminious Snaptrap, Plankton, Kitty Katswell

Level 3: Camp Castaway (Main Hub)

Playable Characters: All Characters

Level 4: Calamity Cove

Playable Characters: Spongebob, Dudley Puppy, Timmy Turner, Tootie, Vicky, Verminious Snaptrap, Plankton, Kitty Katswell

People Found: Sandy Cheeks, Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Jack Fenton, Mark Chang

Level 5: Fort Crabclaw

Playable Characters: Spongebob Squarepants, Timmy Turner, Sandy Cheeks, Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Jack Fenton, Mark Chang

People Found: Aang, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Toph, Azula, Fanboy, Chum Chum

Level 6: The Great Carrapace

Playable Characters Spongebob, Dudley Puppy

People Found: Kyle, Boog, Jenny XJ9, Vexus, Tak, Traloc, Lok, Jeera, Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Kimi Finster, Angelica Pickles

Level 7: Crystal Ruins

Playable Characters: Spongebob, Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Sandy Cheeks, Timmy Turner, Tootie, Tommy Pickles, Kimi Finster, Aang, Fanboy

People Found: Cindy Vortex, Jimmy Neutron, King Goobot V, Zim, Gir, Dib, Gaz

Level 8: Fetid Forest

Playable Characters: Spongebob, Verminious Snaptrap, Jimmy Neutron, Zim

People Found: Tucker Foley, Vlad, Jorgen, Otis, Snotty Boy, Kyle

Level 9:Ancients Peek

Playable Characters: Spongebob, Dudley Puppy, Tootie, Timmy Turner, Vicky, Jorgen Von Strangle, Kitty Katswell

Level 10: Dry Canyon Dry

Playable Characters:Spongebob Squarepants, Dudley Puppy, Timmy Turner, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom

Level 11: Summit Storm

Playable Characters:Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Plantkon, Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Jack Fenton, Tucker Foley, Vlad Plasmius, Timmy Turner, Jorgen Von Strangle, Tootie, Mark Chang, Vicky, Jimmy Neutron, Cindy Vortex, King Goobot V, Zim, Gir, Dib, Gaz, Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Kimi, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Azula, Tak, Jeera, Traloc, Jenny XJ9, Vexus, Otis, Snotty Boy, Dudley Puppy, Katswell, Verminious Snaptrap, Fanboy, Chum Chum, Kyle, Boog


  • Dodo
  • Seagull
  • Bird Nest
  • Sand Monster
  • Giant Sand Monster
  • Sand Ooze Spout
  • Sharkoid
  • Mermeck Bug
  • Frog
  • Crab Shoudler
  • Crab Hut
  • The Great Carrapace (Boss)
  • Shrub Monster
  • Purple Shrub Monster
  • Gold Shrub Monster
  • Shrub Ooze Spout
  • Crystal Scorpian
  • Florian Tribeman
  • Florian Sargent
  • King Gorge (Boss)
  • Rock Monster
  • Guardian Rock Monster
  • Rock Ooze
  • Mawgu (Final Boss)

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