Nicktoons Demolition Derby is a vehicular fighting game released in 2004. It was developed by Cor-Son Games with additional work by Pacific Coast Power & Light.


This was one of three Nickelodeon-licensed games that was going to be produced under Infogrames in 1999, them being this, a bowling game and a racing game meant to be a sequel to Nicktoons Racing. However, mounting tensions between Cor-Son and Infogrames put a hamper on the deal and the games went unrealized. The racing game was never worked on and was actually a re-skin of their version of Atari's Super Sprint. The bowling game was only half-way completed before it was gutted and became Hanna Barbera All-Stars: Ten Pin Alley. Cor-Son saw no reason to continue with this game at the time and had it languish in development hell until they could obtain a license that the game would work best with.

They eventually struck a deal with Nickelodeon with the intent of producing a game based on Rocket Power, but due to a game on that series already being in production, they decided to pitch the original version of this game. Nick agreed to back the game, but demanded that it be renovated due to it being outdated. Among the concepts that were changed were the addition of newer Nick shows, a tweak in the gameplay and a graphical overhaul.


Plankton, with the aid of other Nickelodeon villains, has sent out various tanks to destroy the areas with which the Nicktoons live. Learning of his plan, the Nicktoons are determined to fight back.


You select one of many Nicktoons, who have their own customary vehicles, and you go to destroy certain tanks. You'd also have to fight other Nicktoons along the way to get them to fight with you.


The PlayStation 2 port received unfavorable reviews, with critics noting its dated graphics and broken gameplay. The GameCube and XBOX ports received better reviews, as they corrected the more noteworthy flaws, but the overall consensus for those versions remained mixed.

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