Nicktoons Demolition Derby is a vehicular fighting game released in 2003. It was developed by Quarantine Development and Pacific Coast Power & Light for the GameCube, XBOX and PlayStation 2.


Both the hero and villain Nicktoons are hosting a recruitment drive. Each wind up hiring mysterious figures, and the figure for the villains convince them to build tanks to overtake their respective worlds.

Toward the climax, the villains and heroes each admit that they were double-crossed by their hires, and said figures eventually reveal themselves to be rejected Nicktoons who seek to destroy the more beloved Nicktoons.

The ending depends on who you play as. If you beat the game as the heroes, they will chase and beat up the villains due to feeling unsatisfied with their previous victory. If you win as the villains, they will escape via spacecraft and come up with a new plot, but get sidetracked due to exhaustion.


You choose between the heroes and villains. Whomever you pick, you have to either fight the tanks or the other Nicktoons.

Along with the story mode, there's also a battle mode where you could fight whatever Nicktoons you unlocked throughout the game.


It received mixed to average reviews.