Nicktoons World Racing is a new Nicktoons racing videogame for Party Mode, Nintendo Switch, DS, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


Mostly like Mario Kart and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Dreamworks Super Star Kartz.


Italic means unlockable.

Bold italic means unlockable in 3DS version.

Normal bold means starter in 3DS version.

Spongebob Universe:

Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick Star

Sandy Cheeks

Squidward [3DS only]

Plankton [Console only]

Danny Phantom Universe

Danny Phantom

Vlad Plasmius

Technus [Console Only]

Sam Manson [3DS only]

The Fairly Odd Parents Universe

Timmy Turner

Jimmy Neutron Universe

Jimmy Neutron

Professor Calamitous [Console only]

de Blob universe

De Blob

Tak & the Power of Juju universe



Invader Zim universe




Dudley Puppy

Angelica Pickles

Otto Rocket

Otis [from Barnyard]



Mii [Wii U, Wii & 3DS only]

Avatar [Xbox 360 only]

Sackboy [PS3 only]

Non-Playable Characters

Jorgen Von Strangle [Flagman]

Cosmo, Wanda and Poof [Resetter]

Goddard [Resetter]

Ghost Prison Guards [obstacles]

Yolkians [obstacles]

Woodies [Obstacles]

Inkies [obstacles]

Blancs [obstacles]


Jack Fenton

Maddie Fenton

Tucker Foley

Mr Krabs


Mrs Puff


The Chief







Timmy's Dad

Timmy's Mom

The Crimson Chin

The Color Underground

Carl Wheezer

Sheen Estevez

Cindy Vortex

Ms. Fowl

Libby Folfax

Hugh Neutron

Judy Neutron

King Julien

Ray Rocket

Officer Shirley



Kitty Katswell

Reggie Rocket








Tracks & Battle Arenas

Krabby Patty Cup:

  1. Bikini Bottom
  2. Fairy World
  3. Amity Park
  4. Yolkus Prime

Ghost Cup:

  1. Pupununu Circuit
  2. Chroma City Cruise
  3. Retroland
  4. Ghost Zone

Crown Cup:

  1. Gorgonzilla Track
  2. Shell City Escape
  3. Soda Falls Speedway
  4. Dad's Dream

Neutron Cup:

  1. Goofy Goober Circuit
  2. Chincinatti
  3. Paradise Island
  4. Calamitous' Lair

Juju Cup:

  1. Ghost Zone Prison
  2. Vicky's Space Palace
  3. Ultra-Ninja-Lord Shrine
  4. Slopviathan River Rush

Rainbow Cup:

  1. Spongebob's Dream
  2. Juju Realm
  3. Vlad's Castle
  4. Hypno Ray Highway

Secret Cup:

  1. Ocean Shores Speedway
  2. EuroReptarLand
  3. New York City Zoo
  4. Mawgu Storm Track

Console Exclusive Tracks:

Wuhu Island Loop [Switch & 3DS only]

Avatar Simulator [Xbox versions only]

Huge Monster Rally [PS3 and PS4 only]

Battle Arenas:

Flying Dutchman's Graveyard

Axiom Labs Arena

Fairy World Stadium

Outside the Candy Bar

Juju Challenge Arena

Hypno Ray Arena

Barnyard Hoedown

Console exclusive Arenas:

Wuhu Town [Switch & 3DS only]

Avatar Arena [Xbox versions only]

King's Castle [PS3 and PS4 only]


Get these Items from Item Boxes to use on the racetracks and arenas:

  • ITALIC-Sometimes, you get 3 of these at a time. you can fire them one at a time or all 3 at once.

Bubbles: Spray a bubble on the track from behind your kart. Anyone who runs into it will be hovering helplessly in the air for a few seconds.

Jellyfish: A swarm of Jellyfish spray jelly on all racers in front of you, mucking up their vision.

Yellow Wish Star: Once fired, they bounce off walls until they hit someone, causing them to spin out.

Green Wish Star: Once fired, it will automatically seek out the closest racer and then, spins them out.

Lucky Clover: When this is used, it makes you lucky, faster, and invincible to all attacks for a while. As an added bonus, anyone you hit will spin out. But the clover won't protect you from big drops, though, so be careful!

Slippery Ink: A slippery puddle of ink is put on the track. Anyone who runs into it will skid out of control.

Supercharge: When you get this, you can boost as much as you want for 10 seconds.

Hazmat: This acts like a shield that last for either 12 seconds or till it is hit.

Pinky Pick-Up: Pinky [from de Blob 2] picks you up and carries you down the track automatically.

Fenton Fake Box: It looks like a real Item Box, but whoever runs into it will spin out. Try putting it near real ones to confuse the other racers!

Shrink Ray: Shrinks all racers temporarily - except for whoever uses it, of course. When shrunk, the racers suffer a total slowdown in speed.

Neutron Blast: This unstable neutron bomb will explode on contact making a big radius.

Juju Boost: This Juju magic gives you a speed boost.


  • The New York City Zoo track is the exact same one from Dreamworks Super Star Kartz, only without Gloria and Melman.
  • Wuhu Island Loop is the exact same one from Mario Kart 7, minus the glider shortcut. Also, it's time of day setting changes depending on the time of the system's clock.

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