Parappa the Rapper Kart is a racing game based on Parappa the Rapper 1 & 2 and Um Jammer Lammy and Parappa the Rapper (anime) .

Starting Racers

  • Parappa - Drives his dad's Car.*
  • Sunny Funny - Drives Flower Cart.*
  • PJ Berri - Drives DJ mobile.*
  • Katy Kat - Drives a car shaped like her bass guitar.*
  • Lammy - Drives Milkcan motorcycle.*
  • Ma-san - Drives in the drum mobile.*
  • Paula Fox - Drives a taxi
  • Matt Major - Drives a go-cart
  • Joe Chin - Drives in the Super Streched Limo 900*
  • Rammy - Drives a car shaped like a Skull*
  • Gaster - Drives a Blue Super Stretched Limo 900*
  • Gruber - Drives a Red Dune Buggy*

*= has an alternate costume

Starting Racers

  • Papa Parappa - Drives the De-noodlizer Buggy
  • General Potter - Drives in an army jet
  • Chop Chop Master Onion - Drives an onion shaped car*
  • Instructor Mooselini - Drives driver's ed. car
  • Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken - Drives in a frying pan
  • Prince Fleaswallow - Drives in a fly shaped car
  • MC King Kong Mushi - Drives in the Gotta Believe mobile
  • Chief Puddle - Drives his fire truck
  • Cathy Pillar - Drives an ambulance
  • Captain Fussenpepper - Drives his plane
  • Paul Chuck - Drives a chainsaw shaped car
  • Terriyaki Yoko - Drives a Car shaped like her microphone
  • Beard Burger Master - Drives a Burger shaped car
  • Guru Ant - Drives in a matchbox
  • Instructor Moosesha - Drives a motor bike
  • Hairdresser Octopus - Drives his sports car*
  • Colonel Noodle - Drives a Noodlizer tank

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