This article is about the video game. For the character of the same name, look here.

Pen the Penguin is a platforming/puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, and a launch title for the Pen the Penguin series.


Pen and his best friend, Rusty, were fishing while on an ice floe in the ocean. Percilla, Pen's crush, swims by, and Pen becomes lovestruck again. However, an evil octopus sorcerer appears and says that Percilla's pure heart is needed to cast his spell that will put all penguins under his power! Pen and Rusty set off to save Percilla, and stop the Octi Sorcerer.


  • Pen the Penguin: Pen is the main protagonist of the game. Pen's personality is usually cheery and energetic. His main power is to belly slide.
  • Rusty the Walrus: Rusty is Pen's best friend, and the second playable character. He is stronger than Pen, but also slower. Because of his strength he can visit areas Pen couldn't.
  • 'Percilia': pink penguin who serves as both Pen's love interest, and the damsel in distress. Percilia is kidnapped by the Octi Sorcerer.
  • Octi Sorcerer: As his name would suggest, he is an octopus who is a sorcerer, and also the game's main atagonist. He is known to be extremely powerful.
  • Bosko: He's a clown fish who owns a shop. He sells extra lives, power-ups, and even keys to secret levels, so long as you have enough coins.

Worlds and Stages

Coming soon...


  • Fish - These are just like coins in the Mario games, or bananas in the Donkey Kong Country games. Collecting 100 will give the player an extra life.
  • Ice Blocks - All that is known is that they can be pushed to solve puzzles.
  • Amulet Pieces - There's three in each level. Collect all Amulet Pieces to unlock a hidden bonus!
  • Clownfish Coins - Find these in the levels and spend them at Bosko's shop.


  • Octi Minion
  • Octi Minion Gunner
  • Octi Minion Brute
  • Giant Octi Minion


  • The name of the main protagonist is just "penguin" without the "guin".

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