What you are about to read here is pure (fan) fiction, and has no relation to real-world political and ethical issues, nor to it's geography.


The world's tallest tower had just been erected in the coastal area of Danville, and prior to it's first launch, thousands of people assemble to wonder and awe around the giant structure that split apart the skies. Dill, as the architect, was already inside the building to witness the Grand Opening of the tower, and some other people through another entrance was led to the grand ballroom.

But that is not the point of the story.

At the very day, one of the richest country in the world, Eurasia (not to be confused with Euro-Asia), declared war against the United States because of an "Unjust exploitation of our gold and oil resources hereby all circumstances" and had easily pushed in through the Western Seaboard with the power of fifty navy-and-aerial battalions, forcing the unguarded areas of the Western Seaboard to surrender it's firm to the area to the enemy.

Chapter 1: Unsight

The ceremony went well, until news reached some of the city officials' ear. To be continued...

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