A videogame where you play as Phineas Skywalker and his friends, in a Star Wars-ish version of Danville, and try to save Danville from the evil Doof Vader.


Doof Vader has affected the whole Tristate Area with his latest creation: The Misery-inator, which he's using to turn everyone into his evil Sith Zombies. Now it's up to the young hero Phineas Skywalker to save the day, with his friends.

Playable Characters[2]Edit

Phineas Skywalker (Phineas)

Princess Candace (Candace)

Iseia (Isabella)

Jeet Solo (Baljeet)

(For each defeated Sith Zombie, the following characters become playable):

Bufondo (Buford)

Va Ness (Vanessa)

Djan (Django)

Jen (Jenny)

The Six Shadows (The Fireside Girls)

Marcelina Flynn-Shapiro

Mizti (Mishti)

Min D. (Mindy)

X. Avier (Xavier)

Jere Mio (Jeremy)

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