Power Rangers: Titans Unleashed is the action, adventure, training and second Trilogy Titan series. The returning characters was Darkros, Megatron, Shockwave, Soundwave, and Starscream. The planets are eleven planets (exculding Nelux is not a planet) for the missions. These levels are Titan Collection Attack who created new Titans. The Elementals created with the color crystals to make powerful being Titans. Red is Fire, Blue is Water, Green is Wood, Gray is Neutral, Brown is Earth, and Cyan is Wind.


The Elementals Strike

Darkros have an idea when she outrage at them. She creating the powerful crystals to new power Titan Masks The Elementals. Meanwhile, at the Wumpa Island, Samuel and the others built new villages. When the Elementals stolen Samuel's soul then transfer to Hollow soul.

Titan Mutation

Samuel losing his Soul then transfer to Hollow form then success capturing Samuel and Eureka. The player rescue Samuel and Eureka from getting out of Airship. The player and the Spike rescue Samuel, but explaination he lost his Soul and Jack Power. Suddenly, the living mechanical being was Hydro-Mixer. The player see the six Banditrods only four of them mutated into Monstericoot. They met Yoshimaro and Miru and tell explained that Hydro-Mixer was corrupted by Mojo Generator to make more Titans.


Player Jack
Copy Jack

Other Playable


Titans Playable

Monstericoot Earth Rage Crush Attack
Plant-Eater Leaf of Fury Howl Rang
Rexdorah Flame Spiral Fire Haze
Vulturink Gas Supreme Cocoon Maker, Claws
Psybront Magic Burst Psychic Attack
Ravus Feather Strike Air Attack, Feather Dance
I-Scream Creep Voice Screaming Attack
Rockros Earth Spirit Smash Down
Dinosaurer Flare Spin Flaming Strike
Icelion Whirlpool Cold Shred
Coyoticoot Snipe Claw Razer Attack, Berserk
Chimpazen Stampede Banana Swing
Meowaza Calling Cats Scratch Attack
Waka-Wako Morph Form Spray Blast
Groundrug Fissure Fury Drill Blaster
Fira-Rara Blaze Body Rara Rampage
Crackbomber Explosion Bomb Exploder
Gothicaria Beauty Wish Beautiful Gift
Gem-Rock Jewel Form Gem Attack
Tigershark Jungle Rush Forest Combat

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