Regular Show The Video Game 5: Decode

RSTVG5: Decode Wii U box art

is the 3D action adventure and train-and-battle game and direct sequel of it's predecessor. The game story was Mordecai and the gangs discovered the parasitic nanobug called Nanos. It caused to create a disaster and making data hosts into prehistoric-like monsters called Nanosaurs. They takes a newly built device called Accelenano to capturing Nanos and making host the data. It was released in November 4 2014.


This gameplay has changed to train-and-battle gameplay.


During the time after Firework Run and Sandwhich of Death, however, the mysterious being appeared to find the legendary six strange orbs called Nanos Orbs shatters around the world. It also the Nanos Orbs hosting the data to creates a Nanos. Meanwhile at the Park, Mordecai watch the every commericals until the news about the Nanos Orbs creating the atomic waves into data hosts and transforming prehistoric creatures called Nanosaurs. Mordecai shocked the Nanosaurs invades the Park and attacked the cities.


Main Playables

  • Mordecai (main playable in the begin the story)
  • Rigby
  • Pops
  • Skips
  • Benson
  • Muscle Man
  • High Five Ghost
  • Margret
  • Death
  • Gary
  • Thomas


These Nanosaurs were mutant-like prehistoric creatures born by the speciemen fossils and host computer data then start to mutate.

  • Crunchosaurus
  • Torikaratops

Main Bosses

  • Shadow of Door
    • Archouraptosaurus
    • Flightocaptheras
    • Dr. Wackymad

Minor Bosses

  • Computer Brain
  • Laser Mingo
  • Guardian Angel


  • The Park
  • Ground Ruins
  • Assume Lake
  • Radical Highway
  • Wasteland
  • Blizzard Fountain of the Dragons
  • Lava Cave


  • It's second predecessor's features Lunar Fruit and Teeth Powered was no longer in the game.
  • This Nanosaurs gameplay was similar to Battle of the Giants series.

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